Helping others is gain

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10 months ago

This life is in turns,just like a circle,it never has an end,what goes around comes around,whatever you sow you shall reap,it's not possible to sow stingy hand and expect to reap giving,you are in that position to be of help, people are connected to you so you can help,alot of destinies are connected to you,God has put you in that place to raise somebody up,if fail to do your path somebody else will come forward and your relevance will be cancelled.

When I lost my dad I gained admission the following year,my school fees was a much,I had no money neither my mom but I had to go to school,I ran helter skelter,i could not raise much because most of them didn't want to help but surprised me the most was someone like a father that I wasn't close to before,I always see him from afar off, though he knew my dad,the day I told him I was Mr so so daughter,he told me to see him in the office and I went,he completed my school fees. Alot of help God has raised after that,when God sees those people we trusted wasn't helping he raised someone else.

Now assume that man needs my assistance in the nearest future,don't you think I will do it with all my heart? Of course I will. That is why a proverb says"whatever you sow you shall reap".

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When I was going through the internet yesterday,I saw this àmerican lady helping a small poor boy,in the video it was said that the young boy was abandoned by his parents because they thought the boy was a witch and behind their misfortunes,the boy was really sick,so lean because even the villagers didn't help the boy,the were all afraid to touch him because of what they thought the boy was,I even had pity on the boy when I saw him,he was so lean and was about to die,but the American woman came,took the boy to her motherless home, started treating him and gave him food,that was when the boy was 2 years old till when he grew up to be more than 10years old,if you see the boy now,you wouldn't believe it was that boy of then,he was handsome and chubby.

Please when you have the capacity to help others please do,when you help others you gain more,you don't loose because if it's not waiting for you now,it will surely wait for you in the future, good things you do today will surely come back to you tomorrow, don't feel embarrassed to help others, don't feel reluctant, always be happy to help,if you do good people will talk about it,if it's the other way around they will still talk,why don't you do good and let others talk about the good things you've done. HELP OTHERS.

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10 months ago


There is a saying that when we help one person in need them we have equally help those that are or would be dependent on him. For humanity to continue to flourish, we must always learn to give a help when we can.

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10 months ago

We are not here in this world alone for ourselves, we are connected to other people, so we must still get connected by helping them. Exactly, there are alot of people connected to that person you are helping, which means you are also helping those people you don't know

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10 months ago