Flee that hazardous relationship

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"Never beat a woman unless you are a bigger woman" -Daniel Tosh

The rate at which relationships are getting more toxic is getting higher by the day,no respect for the other person again, some people believe if there is no fight there won't be love,they are used to fighting. Alot of this things start from home,alot of abusive people out there have learnt to be abusive from home,it's either the father is beating the mother or the mother is shouting and locking the father's cloth,these things do emotional damage for the kids.

You can't expect a kid that comes from a emotionally damage home to know how to treat his friends at school,they always lack the love,what they don't have,they can't give. When you notice such kids they are always abusive,dull or always sad. When such kid grow up they tend to do what their parent did before in their own relationship except with divine intervention.

When abuse gets to the level of beating please leave,if you can't leave totally, separate for some time,there is this news that is still going on about the late osinachi,she was a popular singer but her husband cut that glory short by beating her to death,he has always been beating her but she doesn't want to leave her husband,her husband dictates every of her daily activities to her,what she must do and what she must not do,when she is called for a function to sing there,her husband will always reject that,she was given a studio in Abuja but her husband didn't allow her to take it. I see that as envy,her husband was envy of her,he didn't want her to get to a higher position than him,on several occasions as she turned down invitation because of her husband,that is the height of it. The kids later testified to it that even when they are coming from church he would push their mum down from the car and leave her there to take bike home, don't you think that's an height of wickedness? I was shocked to hear all this things about her and yet she still decided to stay in that marriage, and now she is no more,her family said they have told her to leave but she said God is against divorce and that her husband will get better.

Who gets better from beating? No one right,a wife beater will always be a wife beater,my pastor once told me that if he slaps you in a relationship,he will beat you up when you get married,there nothing like he will change,a lot of people fail to understand that marriage magnifies problem it does reduce it.

Let's not forget the fact that some ladies are abusive too, some even beat their husbands,when a woman is always angry and aggressive,she will soon kill that man, husband love your wife and wife respect your husband,when you love someone you don't raise your hand on such person,it a taboo to do that. If you are experiencing an abuse in a relationship please leave,take your leave, don't let it get to beating at all, respect yourself,love yourself, don't let anyone maltreat you anyhow.

Give your kids a better life and future, don't make them believe beating and fighting is the best,let their be love in that home,let them experience love so they can share with others. STOP THE ABUSE

Thank you everyone, thanks you to all my upvoters, thanks for the massive love I have received since I have joined.

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