Can we really be contented?

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Contentment:I have thought about this word several times,can we really be contented with the things we have? Is it really that simple and easy? To me I believe those words are used just make ourselves feel good because alot of people will say it's good to be contented with what you have,to be contented means you are contented with everything you have,no need to move forward? Okay when you ask the rich why they are working so hard they always say it's for their family but the issue still remain that they already have more than enough to take care of their generation but still they want to make more money,that is the irony of life, everyone wants to be contented but then they want more and more everyday.

We want to build house,buy cars,have a huge business we are doing or want to do,we all want to increase in all phase of life,that's the good thing of life,we can't remain stagnant and say we are contented with our position, someone might see a car and say I like this car I wish I can buy it,you want a good thing for yourself and you can still say you are contented with what you have,a person who moves higher can never be contented with what you have,when you see people who making waves they are always doing better, they always want to do more, maybe as a staff they get promoted to manager,they will strife again to be the chief executive officer,they won't relax because they got the Manager position, until they get to the topmost position, they won't stop,so that's the way we humans are wired,we can never be okay with what we have,we always strive to get more.

Not being contented here doesn't mean you are a bad person,it simply means you are not made for failure, you are made for something great, you are made for a brighter and better future so you can't be content with that poverty,lack of good things or that lower self esteem,you can't be content with you been at the back,you will hear some people say "I'm contented with where I am" oh mine! Are you for real? When you ask them where they are,they are definitely contented with been a cleaner at some company or house,at 50+ years some people are still going to school because they want to be promoted at work, but you are still in your twenties and you are saying you too old to go school,wow! Really?? You need to buckle up,move forward, don't remain where you are,set goals and standards,and enjoy your life.

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Contentment is something that can be possessed by anyone if the satisfaction that one wants to achieved is already met. But to want for more materially when you have it already in abundance or more than what you really need, or even you do not want to share but to only keep it for yourselves is coveteousness and greediness. This is just my opinion, you can agree or disagree.

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6 months ago

We can be contented but nothing is wrong with aspiring for more when we have the opportunity to do so. Don't mistake contentment with aspiring for success, they are two different things.

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