Boarding school; more harm or more good?

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Hello everyone,I wanted to write a different article today but when I was going through @Chief_Mekus articles,I stumbled on this one of his articles, "Boarding or Day" which he talks about boarding school and day school, it gave me a new article to write on, when I was reading his article,I flashed back to when I was in secondary school,alot of things happened then,I attended a girls only secondary school,when I was I jss1 I told my parents I want register for boarding in my school because my school has day and boarding students. My parents said when I get to ss1 I will register,I was so eager to be in the boarding house, anytime I see my classmates going back to the dormitory I always wish I was part of them because they always carry themselves with much ego.

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When I got to jss2 I started hearing different things about them, some seniors will lure their juniors to have carnal knowledge of them, some will tell their juniors to fetch all the waters they are going to use and also wash their clothes,I have a classmate then sometimes she sleeps in class,when she's asked why she will reply that she worked for another senior the previous day or she was punished the previous nights,those things are uncalled for, how can some seniors be wicked as such, different things happened back then.

When I was in ss1,I snapped out of the dream of going to boarding house,I preferred going home after closing hour, because I don't think I can undergo those torture,there was an incident that happened when I was in ss1 then that made me to vow never to go to boarding house again,a new student was admitted to our school at that time,it was rare to admit new student to Join us in ss1 but this girl was admitted and her sister too,she was from Abuja then, after about a month because she was registered for boarding house,so she was in the boarding house,one day a senior sent her to wash her clothes when she refused that she can't,and I think this girl is from a rich home so she doesn't do any strenuous work,when the senior realized that the student won't answer,she went and called her mates,they told her to kneel down and beat her,after that her back was heated with a hot iron,the news spread throughout the school then.

After that the lady went back to Abuja and she never came back to our school again,alot of things happen in boarding school,I understand that there are s some good students there but the bad ones are much and they have spoilt the good ones,you will hear news of broken locker,all foods stolen and all. Things are really happening in boarding school,even students with good morals from home sometimes get corrupted by the other students. I prefer day to boarding school.

Boarding house can cause more harm than good,they tend to relax more since there parents are not there,there are two of my students that went to boarding school last year,both siblings,there mom reported to me that they are not reading again,these kids when they were in primary school they are always the first in class both of them,but now because their dad can't supervisor them,the eldest got 26th position out of 38 last session and the youngest got 13th out of 30 student, isn't that backwardness??

Boarding house can cause more harm than day, after everything I came to a conclusion that I won't allow my future children to register for boarding school,I won't. Thank you very much for reading.

Disclaimer: This article is not to
Counter anybody's thought but we all
Have right to our opinions.

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Boarding schools in this day and age have outlived their use. Students are better managed in the homes of their parents than in boarding schools where they get inadequate care. That emotional connection in bringing up children must be there and boarding schools do not affords that.

I wouldn't say it does harm though but I think it's away of parents abdicating from their responsibility of nuturing the children in their eyes.

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10 months ago

Students need to be close with their parent, you are right when you say emotional connection, it really matters alot, yes I wanted to say that too, my friend has said something like that too before that when she gives birth after her wedding she will keep the child in boarding school at q tender age because she doesn't want stress.

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10 months ago

Yes Dear Ayo, we are all entitled to our own opinions though. There was an article I started about my experience in boarding school. I really suffered but it's the end that justifies the means. Sometimes I would be asked to massage a senior at night, fetch water at night and stuffs like that. Bullying was actually a constant. Those stuffs didn't break my resolve, I kept on striving. Day schools doesn't also come without their own disadvantage.

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10 months ago

Yes you are right, day school comes with it's own disadvantage too but parents closely taking care of their kids really matters, now look at what you experienced back then, you were able to stand strong but there are some students too that won't be keep going with that.

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10 months ago