The Impulsive Buyer Switch In Me Got Turned On Again!

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From the last time when I published my previous article "Helpful Apps To Learn Japanese", I wish to include this app because for once I thought it is free. But then, after completing a set, that was the time I discovered that you have to pay to continue.

Then, there goes the switch that suddenly got turned on. After a couple of minutes...


Thank you.

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So, what is this app that made me upgrade it? What about it?

This app is called Kanji Study.

In the Japanese language, they have 3 kinds of writing style as I said before in my previous article, Let's Learn Japanese By Following These 3 Steps,

These are:

  • Hiragana

  • Katakana

  • Kanji

Kanji is the most difficult. Not just in the form of writing but also in memorizing the different kinds of readings and pronunciation. It also has the most number in Japanese Alphabet for about 6,385 characters, though the most commonly used are just about 2,221 characters.

Since this app is comprehensible enough for me and easy to navigate, I immediately liked it. I also like the blue-themed color of the app which is much more pleasing in my eyes. This might be one of the things that attract me to upgrade it. I can also switch it from dark mode to day mode, but I like the night mode the most since my favorite color is Black.

Another thing that attracts me, is the learning process. It provides sets of Kanji from Elementary 1 to Secondary 3, with other sets of Advanced Kanji and Other more Difficult Kanji.

It also has 3 ways to study. These are;

  • Flashcard Study

  • Multiple Choice Quizzes

  • Writing Challenge

How is the process of each way?

#1 Flashcard Study

This helps you study every character from how it is written properly, step-by-step on every stroke. Also provides all the readings; Onyomi and Kunyomi to English translation. It also provides examples with different meanings and how it is used in a sentence.

#2 Multiple Choice Quizzes

To test how much you can familiarize the characters, it provides multiple quizzes It displays the Onyomi and Kunyomi readings and English translation, then you have to find the right character within the choices given below. There's also a time limit given for about 30 seconds so that you will have a chance to think. After the test, you will be rated based on your performance.

#3 Writing Challenge

The system will provide the Onyomi and Kunyomi reading and its English translation. Your task is to write the correct Kanji Character. You have to properly illustrate the correct stroking, if you get it wrong, the system will automatically give you a hint. You will be rated instantly when you're done writing.

So Why Am I Tempted To Purchased?

It's certainly just a spur of a moment but since I have done it, I can't regret it. Even though I am building an obsession with learning the Japanese language, I can definitely find another way to learn it for free like watching YouTube and free apps. Honestly, I have already a Japanese dictionary that contains all the Kanji and another app to familiarize Kanji that also gives quizzes.

So, why?

One thing that I'm sure why I'm not reluctant to purchase the upgrade is that I have enjoyed the clean and organize features that the app has. I can easily memorize the characters by how it conducts the study and quizzes.

Though one thing did I regret, I shouldn't have linked my Gcash account as my payment method in Google Play. Good thing, I just paid 299 pesos for the purchase and the app is legit. If it becomes a scam, I don't know how much I should beat myself for being an impulsive buyer.


I hope you learned a lesson from me. Once again, don't be such an impulsive buyer like me. I'm just lucky that the app is good and legit. Bonus, it's affordable and a lifetime offer which can be login to many devices but just make sure that it's the same email to be used.

I wouldn't make a promise of a resolution for myself anymore since I can't keep my word when the itchy hands of mine flip the switch of an impulsive buyer inside me.


By the way, thanks for reading. Stay safe and God bless anyone who is reading this!

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