My 21 Societal Criticism Encounters In This 21 Years of Existence

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2 years ago
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Happy Birthday to me!

I have reached my 21 years of existence in this world today, as of February 4, 2021. First and foremost, I want to thank God and my family for guiding my path and molding me to become a better person.

Before I could be what I am today, I encounter these societal criticisms first which I used as my stepping stone to level up myself. I make it a habit that every time I hear someone criticize me, I don't think about it as a negative statement but a motivation to improve myself. Since I learned my lesson on handling negative things in the past, I practiced thinking positively to calm myself, so that I can be able to think properly.

1. You're a misfit. Yeah, I am. Whatever I do, I can't be able to belong in a sociable group. However, for that particular reason, I learned to love myself, enjoy having peace of mind, and avoid getting into trouble with some so-called friends.

2. You're useless. I'm tired of hearing these words when I know that I have done my work well but still being called like that after helping them with all that I can. Yo, relatives. If you are that stressed with your life, please don't take it out on me because I'm the only one around. I know my use and my worth. If you don't appreciate it, then it's not my problem anymore.

3. You're just mediocre. Well, sorry but I'm still young and inexperienced enough to be called an expert. I accept that, it's a fact after all. Though, I just you to know that I'm still learning and still honing my skills to be worthy of becoming an expert one day.

4. You're weird. Not my problem, dude. If you don't like me, then shut up and leave me alone. You don't have to slap it on my face. I knew it already and it's not my duty to imitate all of your actions, so I can be like all of you.

5. You're a failure. Doesn't mean I failed once or twice or more in my life, I'm a failure already. Failure is a part of our life to make us learn something that we can use to improve the better version of ourselves for the next opportunities coming in our ways.

6. You're a disgrace. Whoah, such a big word. I failed and I make mistakes that embarrassed my family but people can change.

7. You have your world. Yes, I have because your world out there is chaotic and I need peace to survive so I'm making my world and have a peaceful way of living.

8. You're so stubborn. Actually, I'm not. I just find your suggestions not efficient. So, I'm going to cross it out and leave it behind. Though, it doesn't I don't follow everything y'all says.

9. You're being rude, take it back. Being frank isn't rude. Remember, the truth hurts when you can't accept it.

10. You're proud. Hmm, not so. I'm just telling you my achievements but I'm not bragging about out.

11. You're rebellious. This is because I can't accept your orders and you also can't my opinion. I can't take the risk to do things wrong so I'm doing it my way. Sorry about that.

12. You're disrespectful. I just wanted to explain my side and clarify some things that you're making it a big deal though it's not. Then, you're telling me I'm talking back at you and I have no respect for my elders. That's not fair.

13. You're a flirt. Being friends with boys doesn't I'm flirting with them and I'm not a flirt, by the way. I don't even know how to flirt, actually.

14. You're wild. If being wild is headbanging into metal music, dear neighbors, I take that as a compliment.

15. You're liberated. Ah, yes and that's because I like talking to an open-minded person and to hang out with people who don't stare at us with some malicious looks.

16. Your music is demonic. Hey, neighbors and relatives, it is called rock music, and not all rock music is demonic. Got it?

17. Are you a lesbian? I'm boyish and I like boy's clothing styles sometimes but honestly, I am not a lesbian. I'm proud to be a straight woman.

18. You're a woman, cooking is important. Sorry, I still take my time learning to cook so, please stop bragging about gender roles. Okay?

19. You're a burden to your parents. Excuse me, all the sacrifices I make to lessen my parent's problem, you still have the nerve to call me that? Just shut up if you don't know the whole story, gossipper.

20. Watching anime at your age? How childish. I like it. What's your problem? FYI, anime is not just for kids.

21. You're wasting your time with that online blah blah blah. I make money out of it. If you're interested, come here, I'll teach you.

So, that's how I manage to kick-off those negative comments out of my mind. It's all just in my mind, though. At least, it wouldn't burden me in vain.

Lastly, I just want to make it clear. Whatever I do, it's on me. Shut up, Boomers!

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Happy birthday @Ayane-chan.

Enjoy your life with your own rules.

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Thank you.

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