Let Me Draw Your Love For Me (Chapter 10)

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Monday came so fast, we just finished the quiz. As usual, I passed and also Kako. I just don't Mei's results and the others yet. We have a Literature class right now and is about to end.

"Next meeting, we will have a group report regarding the topics I listed. You may choose your groupmates with maximum members of 5 people. I'll give you 15 minutes to settle your groupmates. Then choose your group leader to come forward and I'll give the instructions."

As the teacher finished speaking, our room suddenly became a hive of buzzing bees. It's quite painful in my ears and we can't hear each other properly now. It's not the real problem, though.

The problem is, whose group should I join? I guess, no one is interested in me here since I'm not friendly with them. Can I just do this report alone?

"Hey, don't think of reporting alone. I'm with you," Kako said as she approached me.

"How did you know what I'm thinking?" I said with a slight smirk.

"It's all over your face, you know," she said, frowning.

"Fine. So, we still lack three members. Who are we going to invite, then?"

"Who do you think?" She said locking her expressionless eyes in me as if she is scanning my thoughts.

"Why are you asking me? You know, I'm not close with anyone here." Anyone but you, I guess.

"Good timing. We lack two members!" Mei said with high spirits. She approaches us with Saito and Sora. This is good timing but it is a bad thing. The majority of those girls in the class are glaring at us, especially Chou. She looks at me as if she's going to devour me.

"Are they looking? Don't mind them. They can't harm you," Saito said lowering his voice, almost in a whisper. He pushed one table to join mine to have a bigger space.

"So... Who is going to be the leader?" I asked, composing myself to shake off those glares from my mind.

"I volunteer!" Mei said, raising her right hand happily. "Okay, I'll go to the teacher to get some instructions."

She walks towards the teacher in front. Here we are now, silently waiting. Why it is so awkward?

"Hey, hey! Look at this," Saito sat beside me and showed me his sketchbook.

"Whoah... A rose garden?" I said in an awestruck manner.

"You like it?" He said looking at me, wondering.

"Hmm, yeah."

Well, I like roses anyway. I wonder if the garden in their house looks like this.

"Then, that's yours now." He pulled out the page quickly and gives it to me before I could even react.

"Eh? T-thank you." Oh, gosh. I'm embarrassed that stuttered. I think my face is on fire now.


I think my heart beats getting faster.

There he is smiling at me happily while the other girls there whose glaring at us are all so gloomy. I just insert it in my book so it wouldn't be crumpled in my bag.

And he's still looking at me. I feel awkward now.

"Ahem! I got the instructions, guys." Mei's back, I'm saved.

"Yeah, what is it?" Kako asked trying to stop her smiles and winked at Mei. Well, yeah. I completely forgot that Kako and Sora are still here with us.

"Well, the topic given to our group is Literature Genres. The teacher said it's up to us how we should present. Any means, as long as it is creative and comprehensible. So, any idea for the presentation?" She explained as she sits in front of us. Each one of us is in deep thoughts.

Hmm, creative and comprehensible? Which way would be good?

"Can we just make a PowerPoint presentation?" I suggested.

"Oh, yeah. Good suggestion. Simple and less hassle," Kako seconded.

"Agree, let's just research for the details and make it appear more interesting," Sora added.

"I'll be in charge of the designs and theme," Saito offered. Ah, there goes the art boy.

"Good. It's settled now," Mei concluded.

"Then, when will be the deadline?" I asked so we can better prepare in advance.

"Ah, that thing. It's tomorrow! I have picked number 1 in the draw box. Sorry, guys," Mei said raising both of her hands to show that she's guilty as charged.

"What? Tomorrow? That's so rush. Can we ask to move it to another day? At least, we can have a day for research and preparation," Kako protested.

"No, we can't. The teacher said we're behind 3 topics from other sections so we have to make up for it as fast as we can. That's no problem. Let's just have a sleepover, then." Mei replied.

"But, whose house this time?" Sora asked.

"Not on me, you two were at my house last Friday," Sora excluded himself immediately. I can't also suggest mine. I never allow my classmates to sleep over since elementary. I never did it, too.

"We don't have much space in my house and we're crowded there. I have two siblings roaming around and fighting every time," Kako excluded herself, too.

"You two just had been at my house last Monday," Saito excused himself also.

"What about at hour house, Mei? You got a good study room there. I think it would be perfect," I suggested before bottle points on me.

"We can't be there right now. My brother is studying there for his exams. He'll kick me out if he's disturbed," Mei's excused herself, too. Wait, the only one left is in my house. We haven't done the general cleaning, yet.

"Shizune..." Kako called me as if it is already settled. They're also looking at me as if I have no choice.

"Huh? It's still messy right now, we haven't finished the general cleaning yet. Groceries, dinner, snacks, sleeping mattresses, pillows, bedsheets. I haven't prepared it yet. I don't even know if my Mom will agree." I'm panicked. What will I do? I never did this before.

"She agreed! I texted her." Mei happily showed my Mom's text in my face.

Mom, you traitor.

"I'll bring snacks!" Kako offered.

"I'll bring my laptop." Sora also offered.

"I'll bring mine, too." Saito seconded.

"Then, see you all at the residential main gate of Sakura Villas." Mei stands up, implying that the meeting is settled.

"I'll pick you all up at the main gate, then. Just text me when you all arrive.

I guess I have no choice again.


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