5 Things That We Should Be Thankful For

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May 5, 2021

I was standing at the window of my room this morning. I was staring blankly outside for quite a while. The building that was usually busy and noisy before the lockdowns had been implemented is now quiet and empty. It is even ready for rental. The busy street that people usually walk every afternoon is also empty. Our neighbors rarely go out as well as we do. This is literally like a ghost town.

It's been 1 year and 2 months but our situation right now is still the same. We are still being locked up in our houses to avoid contact and to contain the spreading of the virus. We can't still get back to our normal ways. No proper work schedules, still limited transportation, still can't gather together, businesses closed, unemployment spikes higher, and still no cure.

It took me, maybe half an hour to get back on my senses. At that moment, I had realized something. There are still some things that we should be grateful for! Yes, some good things that we sometimes have neglected due to the stress that this Pandemic has brought to us.

So, what are they?

#1 "God wakes me up."

Every time we can be able to wake up every day is a great blessing. This just means that God loves us and He is guiding us all the time. We still can wake up because God still has a purpose for us to continue living. We still have to carry on our missions. Even if the danger of getting the virus is waiting outside, we still have managed to escape it and made it through another brand new day. For this kind of blessing, we should always thank God. Be thankful for this life that has been given to us and allowed us to see the beauty in this world.

#2 "I'm healthy."

Can't go out? Can't hang out? Can't work?

You are maybe so frustrated and depressed about these things. Though this situation is so much of a disadvantage to us. Please do remember one more thing to ease that burden in your chest –you are healthy. Be thankful that even though the virus is spreading and causes many people to be hospitalized or the worst-case scenario –to die, you are still alive, kicking with no health issues.

#3 "We have food on the table."

Due to the widespread and strict implementation of quarantine as a part of our safety protocols, it's nothing new to hear news such as unemployment and business bankruptcy. Quarantine takes too long and many businesses have not been opened yet, which caused many families to suffer financially. They are suffering every day from the lack of necessities for their daily needs, which mainly is food.

Although the government provides aid to those people, still, it is not enough since they can't go back to their work yet. There are also Community Pantries that are organized by some LGUs, charity foundations, and NGOs. Many people lined up at these pantries every day to avail themselves of some free necessities.

Imagine how difficult these people's lives are. They're just depending on the government aides and to some good Samaritans just to survive. Well then, if you are not experiencing this kind of hardships in your life, even though you can't go out yet, still be thankful. At least you have some stocks of groceries and food on your pantries at home that you can have your complete meals every day.

#4 "We can afford to buy our needs."

As I always listen to the radio every morning, I can always hear people's requests to the radio broadcaster to let the wishes reached those government officials who are responsible for the distribution of the first and second tranche of the aid that the government had promised. Mostly, those who complain are those jeepney drivers who can't still operate, workers of those companies that have closed, and OFWs that are stuck here for so long.

These are just some pitiful situations that are happening right now. Imagine if it happens to us, what should we do? Then, for those who are luckier than them, be thankful, and please pray for them. This is not the time to be so picky about things, I guess. Saving and thriftiness is the one we should prioritize for we don't know when will this Pandemic ends. And if you have some extra things that are not needed, please share some of your blessings with others.

#5 "I am blessed."

Being blessed can be defined in so many ways. If you are that stressed right now, just stop what you are doing and start counting your blessings even though you thought that you're living in hell already.

If your family is still complete, you are blessed.

If you and your family are healthy, you are blessed.

If you can eat 3 meals in a day, you are blessed.

If you still have money to buy your daily necessities, you are blessed.

If you still have a home to stay in, you are blessed.

If you still have work, you are blessed.

If you ever get positive in Covid-19 but still able to survive, you are blessed.

So stop whining about whatnots, just chill and relax. Always keep your head cool or else you'll be stressed, break down to depression and develop hypertension. Hospitals are the scariest place right now and the bills are expensive. Just be thankful that you are not experiencing the things that other people are suffering from.


Whatever problems that you are dealing with right now, I hope I have cheered you up. Have a good day ahead. Always stay safe and God bless!

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1 year ago


I am also thankful to all of God's providence despite the current situation. And of course, we have read.cash . It is what I am most thankful for since April. :))

Praises be to God!

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1 year ago

I hope this pandemic will come to its end this year.

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