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Yesterday was her birthday...

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4 months ago

Yesterday conversation!!

Hey Zainab, what is today??

She Said: Today is my birthday.

I said: But your birthday is on the 5th of October then why are you celebrating your birthday today?

She said: Because my dad has to get on the plane tomorrow and go away.

First of all , let's meet to her...

Image source from my gallery

She is Zainab. My all time favourite little cousin. She's my aunt's ( pupho) daughter. I like her way of talking. She's so clever girl. This picture is my favourite Because of her cute actions and style. Believe me when I comparison both of my childhood, there's so many differences I observe. Today's generation is so naughty, so clever. I enjoyed her company because her talking way is full of cuteness.

Yesterday,we celebrate her birthday but actually her birthday is on October 5. We celebrate yesterday because her father leave the country today. Her father works in Kuwait. Due to pandemic situation, flights were closed. Now flights of Kuwait is opened therefore he leaves Pakistan.

Yesterday, me and my sister arrived my aunt's home and decorating her room. Lots of balloons blowing by me and my sister. I bought happy birthday theme caps, candles.

After decorating the room, birthday Princess wear her dress. She looks gorgeous in her dress. She walk with action style. Haha

She becomes proudy at her birthday haha because she know that I'm the main person of this event.

We enjoy too much in her birthday. I like her cake very much. Cake looks so delicious. I rate the cake 10/10.

She said: I cut my cake mama, no one cut my cake.

Haha it's your birthday definitely you cut your cake princess.

Now she becomes 4 years old. She was study in nursery class but now we skip her study because of her fever. Doctors said that, just skip her study for few months. When she becomes better than admit her in school.

I said her little Dora. I think you know the cartoons of "Dora the explorer". I think Zainab is like that.

Here I combine both pictures together. I don't know why but I like her very much. She was born five years later therefore we all family members like her very much.

After cutting the cake, my aunt's serve cold drinks to all of my family. In my demand, she makes biryani for all our us. Biryani is my all time favourite. Therefore i suggest to make this dish. Pakistan's famous and favourite dish.

After having dinner, she said to me, give me my gift. I know she like teddy bear most. Therefore, I bought teddy bear for her. There's too much teddy bear in shop but I select the pink one because I know she wear pink frock.

She said: when my father is going to Kuwait, I sleep with this teddy bear.

How sweet....

I take so many photos of her. I also make videos of her. But unfortunately,I can't upload here because there was no option. I'm happy to see my whole family together. Now , in future this event will becomes memory.

Her father was sad yesterday because he leaves his family, his daughter. Father sacrifice for his family to give them a bright future. I saw tears in her father's eyes. I know , it's too much tough to leave the family.

Yesterday was my best day ever. How's your day going on guy's?

I hope you like to read this article.

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Written by   38
4 months ago
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Happy Birthday to Zainab long life and prosperity and that's a lovely cake you have over there

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4 months ago

Thank you, I tell her about your wish.

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4 months ago