"Who are you" is not for others to decide...

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What happened?Are you worried?

Are you crying?

Are you fed up with People?

Annoyed by people's behaviour?

Ohhh...thinking of disappointing yourself?

Are you evil in the eyes of the people?


Why are you ruining your happiness behind people?

People said you are wrong and you agreed?

Noooo... It doesn't matter what people say, it matters what you think about yourself. Why you value people so much that they point fingers at your character. This is your life , don't hold its strings in people's hands.

I know it's very difficult. You try once, try to get out of the crowd. Learn to live for yourself.

If you have made a mistake don't worry then learn from it. We are humans, mistake are made by human beings. We are not angels. Those who point fingers at you, "don't these people ever mistakes?" Everybody make mistakes in life, "why do you take People's words to heart when people don't care about us?"

This is our life,live it your way. No one knows who we are better than us. Don't spend your whole life thinking about people. Once life is found, live it openly. Welcome those who come into your life and do not stop those who go.

Believe me there are some people who want our lives to go according to them. Make your parents your friends. Open yourself up to them. We value people so much in our lives that we feel we are nothing without them. But no ,get yourself out of these things. Build your confidence. You know better about yourself. If you think you are doing wrong, our conscience tells us what is right and what is wrong.

"If you know that what is hurting your soul , then let it go"

There is no better friend for you than yourself. Your life is so beautiful don't let it be destroyed by people.

"The purpose of our life is to be happy"

So, happy to yourself.

I didn't know why I select this topic, but this content hit me very hard. Today's era we are dependent to others. Therefore we obey everything, people say. Don't be upset, don't be rude, don't be harsh. Life is complicated,learn to be happy.


Stop caring about people and get to know yourself.

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