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Here I read the article of someone but unfortunately I forget her name otherwise I can mentioned her name here. Anyways in her article she share some answers of "this or that" questions. So I decided to share my answers with you guys.

If you want to share your answers then here will be link.

Click and choose your way :)

I hope you really enjoying to answer them. So,

Let's gets start....

YouTube or Netflix?

Frankly share to you , I've never used Netflix. I didn't need it at all. So my answer is YouTube. Because I'm easy to use YouTube. The things I want to see are available on this media.

IF I use Netflix I think I will be bound for it.

Text or video call?

Video call?.... No need.

I'm easy to write text as well as video call. I think in video call , I'm not easy to express my feelings. The text option is best for me ever and forever. I can't make video call for small things.

New phones or new clothes each year?

If I were rich I would buy both.

I said "if". So, I'm not a rich, I belong to a middle-class family therefore I suggest new clothes for me. Because I have only one option left. Hehe

I'm proud to belong to a middle-class family. Btw my mother bought dresses for me. And I'm happy that me and my mother's choice are same.

Pasta for breakfast or pizza for dinner?

I like both options. But I choose only one option so I prefer to eat pizza in dinner. Coz I'm a huge pizza lover. I spend my and earning mostly spend on pizza. My sister is my half partner on this way.

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I sometimes order pizza and me and my sister are filled with this happiness. I'm the one who cut pizza as a cake instead of birthday cake. My mouth watered at the thought of pizza lol.

Stay siting or standing all the day?

Oh my goodness, I remember my childhood memories. When my teacher punish to me and her punished was to stand on the desk for 1 hour. Like seriously can you imagine this scene that I'm standing on the desk in the front of whole class. Haha....

That the worst memory ever. But in these days I neither stay sitting nor standing. Whenever I get a chance, I just lying all the day. So lying is my option, which I can added. Hehe

Facebook or Instagram?

So here , my answer will be Facebook. Because I have not an account of Instagram. I have no need to use Instagram. I remember, one day I just make my account on Instagram but then I skip. Because I thought, my time spending on Facebook, or is enough. So, when I make the account on Instagram, Then I have no time which I can spend with my family.

Therefore,I have just Facebook account. And I also use Facebook in rare way.

Loyal friends or rich friends?

Definitely I prefer loyal friends with rich qualities. Ahan , I said rich qualities,not a rich friends.

I'm blessed withy loyal friend's Alhumdulillah. The friends when I need their help, always here to solve my problems. MashaAllah.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, thats moral perfectly suitable on my friends.

Small gathering or huge party?

Small gathering arranged in our family on special events like Eid, 14th August, birthday celebration etc. We just enjoy food with gossip's.

So I prefer small gathering because I feel not easy in huge parties. I prefer to be alone so I select small gathering. In my way small gathering is a decent way to express our happiness. May be you like huge parties, but I'm not.

Analog watch or digital watch?

I like Analog watch more than digital watch. Today's the digital watch is too much cost. Digital watch is too expensive now a days.

Obviously old is gold. I like to watch time with pins hehe. In my childhood, my maths books, have always Analog watch questions so I'm in love with Analog wrist watch.

I hope guys, you like to read this. Also share your experiences or thoughts on the base of these questions.

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