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Greetings dear Readers!!

Hope so you all are fine and enjoying your day with full of happiness.

Few days ago , I read the article of @Niazi420 in which he answers of some random questions. I love to read the answers. And he share a link and said if anyone interested to answers the random questions then write your article on the base of this link.


When I open the link, there was 65 random questions waiting for me hehe. So I choose some questions and decide to answers them.

So guy's if you are interested in answering these random questions then share your answers with us. I think we build a chain of these random questions. Hehe.

So let's gets start ....

If your food is bad at a restaurant, would you say something?

Obviously yes!!

When I order some food in restaurant , and the food is not well. By the way I order pizza in restaurant, and If my pizza is not well cooked , then I complain to manager. Because , I earn money by hardworking. And I can never let the hard earned money go to waste.

What would you do with 10 million dollars?

If I have 10 million$ then first of all i ordered fast foods to my whole family. Then , my father had taken a loan from two people for my elder brother's education. I will repay the loan of these two people.

And yes I bought iPad for myself coz I learn the Adobe illustration on it.

What is in your fridge right now?

Haha this question make me laugh right now. Because there is no refrigerator yet in the house at this time. Today the gas of refrigerator leak therefore it was not cooling.

So, Baba has sent the refrigerator to the shop to be repaired. So right now there is nothing in refrigerator coz the fridge is missing. Hehe..

What's the most important thing you have learned from a celebrity?

I learned most important thing from actor's, celebrities and that was a privacy or freedom.

I think they have no privacy in their life. When they go out , the camera man's gather around them. They never enjoy their life with freedom like us. I think my life is more better than celebrities. I have my own life, I have not dependent on others. Like when I go to outside there was no rush around me. My life is only depend on me , I have no need of any security guard. I can do anything I want. That's the best thing I observe and I learn from celebrities.

What's your worst habit?

Lying down while using mobile phone is my worst habit. It hurts my backbone. My father now scolds me for lying down.

Seriously, I want to change my habit.

If you found 2000$ on the ground ,what would you with it?

I remember when I was in 9th class. I found 10$ on the ground, I grab the money and give them to my principal.

So, obviously, when I found this huge amount on the ground then I try to find the owner of this money. Coz , the owner of the money come back again and checked his money. When I find him , I back his money. And when I didn't found the owner then i give the near by shops owner to my number and said him that if he comes then give him to my number and said to contact me.

If you could be best friends with a celebrity, then who would it be?

I have seen the ertugrul drama and I like this drama more than any movies or telefilms , because this drama hit me hard. This only based on islamic and historical point of view so I would like to make Engin Altan as my best friend.

Engin Altan a best actor ever , he performed very well in this drama. He performed his 100% in this drama. So he is my favourite celebrity.

So guy's ..

I think it's enough for today. I really enjoyed to answers these questions coz I remember too many memories of my school. And thats the best thing today for me.

Guy's visit the link and answers the random questions. I'm sure you enjoyed to answers them. :)

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You have chosen good questions for yourself mate. Have a good day.

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Thank you also for share the link. Have a good day too :)

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