"Memories" were always priceless..

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Greetings dear Readers!!!

How's your day going on? I hope so you spend your day productive.

Firstly I request you to pray for my grandpa because he is not fine. His sugar level is high. He is 90 years old. I know he is too aged but yes I need your prayers guy's. God blessed him with good health insha'Allah.

Let's start:

Now let's going to the main topic , I select this topic Because obviously memories are priceless. Some People has bad memories of past and some has good memories. Even mostly people connect to both Memories.

Here I can discuss my memorable scene with my friends. Haha , I laughed coz whenever I remember that scene a smile put on my face.

source from Pinterest

I was in GC university Faisalabad to complete my course of botany. We all friends were sitting on the grass. We were all very hungry. Our university cafe was closed at that time. So we decided to going to any restaurant to fulfill our hunger.

We start our bikes and reached to restaurant. The restaurant was soo good and also expensive. Anyways we went to table and sat down. And we sat as if we were an emperor. Haha...

Well after seeing the deal, we started deciding what to order? We decided atleast half an hour. Between this time, the waiter had gone twice. We finally ordered 3000Rs(19$) of deal of 2 large pizza, fries, wings and coke. We kept talking until our deal came. We talking about our mid term exams, our farewell etc.

At last the waiter brought all the delicious food and filled our table. We start eating and enjoying with our deal. Then after we finished our food, a waiter brought the bill. I told everyone to take out all the money because I only have 500Rs(3$).

One of my friend said I just have 1000Rs(6$) and said our pockets are empty. We both friends thought that they telling a lie we checked their pockets but yeah their pockets or wallets are empty. We decided to run out from restaurant haha. But we can't do it. A couple was sitting at nearby table. Two of my friends went to them. They asked we forget our wallet in hostel. Will you help us please. They asked okay what's the matter.

One of my friend said , please give me 1500 rupees coz we paid the bill. After sometime they gave us money. And my friends start bhungra(dance) at that time. We all are laughing so loudly. After paid the bill we came out from restaurant and enjoying the moment.

I can't kept any photo's of that memory. But yes we all friends remember a to z condition of that time.

There are many memories in human life, some are bad or some are good. Instead of remembering bad memories, why not make us happy by remembering good memories. Memories makes us laugh even in difficult times.

I read beautiful line from Pinterest that is:

"Sometimes we never know the value of moment until it becomes memory."

So guy's enjoy the every little moments of your life. May be in future, they become memories of happiness for you. Bad days come and gone and gives us lesson while happy days brings smile on our face. Have a blessed day guys.

And one more thing I just tell you that please stay home stay safe because the fourth layer of Corona is so dangerous. Be vaccinated guys.

Peace :)

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