Loneliness is on peak..

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24 August 2021

Take your breakfast ......

No mama, no need

Take your dinner ....

I don't eat, I'm not hungry mom

After sometime, when my belly tells me that please I need something.....

Then I go to kitchen,open the fridge, a pack of bread and eggs watching me. But wait... I'm so lazy.

"Who on the stove and Who made the sandwich", ahhh nooo sorry. I'm just took out a simple bread and ate it. Then I go back to my room, off the light, on the AC and lying on my bed with sadness and lots of thoughts.

And Also listen a sad poetry

I'm too much sadŲŒ I'm writing these words in sadness. Actually loneliness on peak now. Sometimes I thought " how selfish people are". As long as people need us , they behave as if there is no one in this world better than u. And when people don't need us , they look for excuses to leave us.

When we care about the feelings of others, why doesn't anyone care about our feelings?

We are also humans, we are also have pain. So why don't others feel our pain.

Do some people have heart of stone????

Do we sensitive people only have right to feel the pain of others??

Sometimes a person becomes so lonely from within that his helplessness becomes visible in his eyes. Often a person breaks down so much that his tears dry up.

If you are already an introvert, you will become a psycho. Sometimes a person's heart makes him cry out a loud. But no , we can't do that coz we have also our family. Also we have mostly a joint family. So we can't do that also.

Never share your feelings with people. There are very few people who understand our feelings. But such people are very difficult to meet.

I have seen such attitudes of people in my life that I no longer talk to anyone more. The more we take people's words to heart, the more we will be unhappy. And some people don't care if we live or not.

And yes......

There are some people who remember us only when we need them in our lives. Besides we have no place in their lives.

One thing in last I will say that:

Just believe on God

Share your every problem to God. He listen us without any need. He is the one, who loves us without any reason.

Ohhh ,now it's 11:11 pm , I just published this article and then I put my mobile on table and I'm going to sleep.

Thank you for your time to read my thoughts that based on Reality.

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