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"Dreams becomes fullfilled when you fill it with your skills"

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3 months ago

Greetings Readers!!

Do dreams come true?

Can you really achieve your dreams?

We all had very big dreams in our childhood, that we become a doctor , engineer, pilot , architecture etc. But have you ever thought that as we get older, our dreams gets smaller.

Why does this happen?

No one has control over a child's thinking. So, when we are children, we dream of anything. No one control us. And no one can control also the thinking of a man. If anyone can stop his thinking, then it is himself or his experiences.

Why people give up of their dreams when they get older?

The fact is when we grow up, we work and when it's compare to our work, our income is too much less, We all know that our dream circle is too much big. As our income circle is less therefore we also shorten our dream circle in terms of income. But we never think of increasing our income in terms of dreams.

Mostly people dream of having a big car, a big house and all kind of facilities, expensive clothes, expensive phones, expensive watches,. expensive bags etc. Obviously we need money to fulfill all these dreams because all these dreams are fulfilled with money. There are many desires of our parents which we have to fulfill and we need money for it.

We suppress our dreams in terms of the salary we have.

Develop your skills:

You can expand your income circle through your skills. If you don't have money today, you should make money according to your ability. Get your inner skills out. Skills can be dancing, can be writing, can be diving, can be accounting, can be drawing and so on. For example, If you can dance, you can earn money by teaching dance because it is a skill.

Same , if your drawing is great then you teach the classes of drawing and if your writing is well then you teach the calligraphy.

And if you not have any skill, then try to find out your skill. Focus on just one thing at that time.

How can you start your business through skills?

If You are perfect in teaching, you can teach in school but also you can open your home tuition. Fewer people will come first but gradually your circle will grow.

So, identify your skills and enable them to become your business. And one more thing that nothing will impossible without hardwork.

Re-invest what you earn:

Never spend your earning. Re- invest what you are earning through your skills. Grow your business by re-invest. People make money and fullfil their desires, which harms their business. You buy asset from your earning nit buy liabilities.

So guy's make your income circle big. Earning from your skills and make a business and re-invest in your business. Then invest your earnings in different fields. Then you fullfilled your desires. Just set your mind in right way.

Make your passion a profession guys. Just pang on in your skills.Then inshaAllah one day you will be succeeded in future and fulfilled your dreams. And do whatever you want.

Whatever you focus on, it's expands and if your focus on income, it will be expand.

I hope guys you like to read my article and you learn something from this article.

How's your day going on guy's??


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Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy. Have a blessed night. :)


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Written by   37
3 months ago
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Most people give up on their dreams when they they get older because They Lose the Belief of it Being Possible, They Get Bored of the Repetitiveness, they Don't See Results Quickly Enough, They Listen to Others Advice, They Find it Too Difficult.

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3 months ago