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Challenge: Share the answer of some random questions...

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3 months ago

I have already given answers to random questions in may be two or three articles. But it was never written as a challenge. This is my first challenge I attempted here. I found out about this challenge from the article of @Ling01 . I read her article daily and I learn many things from her. So I would say thank you so much for guide me through your articles. I also want to say thanks to @Caleb07 who arranged this challenge for random persons of

So guy's, If you want to join this challenge then share your answers of random questions. Here will be link:

Just click this link and then welcome to a @Caleb07 challenge zone. It's really full of kindness that he share his whole week salary to the winner one. Really appreciated bruh.

Let's gets start

85: Why are you here in this room right now?

I'm here right now because I have to answer these questions. And I think my room is best place where I can easily engaged to my thoughts.

83: What's your worst weakness?

Forgiven is my worst weakness. I know, thats the great habit, but forgiving a person who hurts my heart over and over again, I would call him my worst weakness. I think people should be forgiven for 1 or 2 time. But they should not be allowed to grieve over and over again.

So, when a man makes a mistake again and again and we forgive him every time, I will call him the worst. I don't know if you agree with that or not, but I agree 100% with that.

76: What's your first thought when you wake up?

"Is random rewarder visit my article or not?"

This is my first thought when I wake up in the morning. Then I grab my cell phone and open the account of and check my notification. And believe me, if that happened then my morning would be a happy one.

45: What's the best sound in the world?

I'm muslim and in my point of view AZAAN is the best sound in the world.

Many of you may not about the Azaan. Azaan means basically "call to prayer". For Muslims Azaan is performed five times a day. And the Imam call the Azaan in the mosque.

14: Best gift you ever received?

When I was admitted to the university, my friend gave me a bag as a gift. I liked the bag so much that I used that bag throughout the year. I still have that bag today and I still use it sometimes.

13: What's the best gift you've ever given?

I remember, I gave my friend a cup as a gift.

Haha wait, it's not a ordinary cup. The name of all of my friends printed on the cup.And it was also written on it "Friends Forever".

I think that's the best gift given by me.

11: What did your father teach you?

My father taught me to be "Thankful". He always tells me one thing and I also wrote this in previous article.


"Look at the people below you and be thankful that you are better then them"

54: What does your inner voice tell you?

Many voices comes from me but it depends on condition. Like..

When I met a very rich man and when I start to become inferior then a voice comes from within me that:

"God may give him more"

To reduce my sense of inferiority, I speak to myself that I don't care if he is rich. Therefore, I pray for him that God give him more.

56: What's great about your MOM?

Everything is great in my mother. But she is the best in cooking. My mother's food is love throughout the family.

I love Biryani and Pratha more. Because she made these food on another level. So, she's expert in cooking.

30: What's a bad habit you have?

Lying down and using mobile is my bad habit. I just need a place to lie down haha. I get scolded at home because of this. My back hurts from lying down.

I'm trying to change this bad habit.

So, guys I have answered my Ten questions. I hope you like it. Hope so you all are fine and take participate in this contest.

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Have a blessed day guys. :)

Peace ...

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Written by   37
3 months ago
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Your answer on first question makes me laugh, that is how I answer most question, 'I'm here to write; that's it':D While I do agree on forgiving a second time. Second chance is a must, but third or more; something wrong. But what I like the most, is your answer in 54

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3 months ago

First answer also makes me laugh but fact is , I was in the room for answer of these questions. Hehe Btw Thank you for appreciation of my answer 54 :)

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3 months ago

You're welcome. Thank you too

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3 months ago