Canker sores

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Helo guys!!

We all know well that health is a thousand blessings, but we realize it only when we have an illness or an injury. Whoever has any disease, whether it is leg, stomach, ear, teeth, he only prays to Allah for a healthy life because of the pain. Most people say that toothache is very painful, some people are saying that earache is more excruciating.

Pain is not big or small, pain is just pain and man prays to be healthy instead of any other wish or desire.

I get mouth ulcers every month. And I have taken so many medicines from doctors but none of them gives me relief. My pain lasts for a couple of weeks and resolves on its own. The medicine did not relieve my pain even a little. Then I searched about my disease and found out that what I used to call mouth ulcer is a canker sore disease. In which white spots are formed in the inner space of the tongue or lip, around which a red circle is formed. When this ulcer occurs in the mouth, neither drink nor eat anything.

There are some types of it which after reading I realized that my ulcer is in a normal way. But one type of it is very dangerous in which the small spots inside the mouth merge together to form a big spot which causes a lot of pain even while speaking.

Why does this ulcer happen?

  • The number one reason for this is that we have heat in the stomach. We start eating hot things more, which causes heat in our stomach and these rashes come out in our mouth.

  • Another reason is that often while we are talking or eating, we inadvertently bite our lip, which leads to mouth ulcers.

  • Another reason is that we brush our teeth too hard, which often causes ulcers on the inner surface of our gums and lips.

What is the treatment for it?

If the canker sores develop into a large pimple-like form, doctors treat it. Some doctors also recommend multiple tubes in the normal way, including tubes like Bonjela, kenalog, Smojal which completely eliminates our pain for some time. But in its proper treatment, injections are also used.

Taken by me, may be I already shared on noise cash

My pain is relieved with Kenalog tube. But I haven't got it properly treated yet. Now I try to eat fruits and healthy food and also have a bowl of curd in the morning. It is very important to add a plate of yogurt in the morning breakfast because it is very useful for the stomach.

That's it!!

I hope guys you like it. Thank you so much for your precious time. Have a good day ahead.

Lead image is taken from unsplash and editing by me

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