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"Bottle gardening; the day with my father"

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3 months ago

Greetings Readers!!

We know that plants soothe us and keep us fresh. Everyone likes plants but few people who love to grow plants. Me and my father one of them who love to grow plants. But my father is more interested in planting more than me. Actually he was a government officer but he takes retirement at his early age and now he spend most of the time in lawn. And I'm a botanist so my field is related to plants.

I choose this title because today me and my father growing plant in bottles. Plants growing in plastic bottles is basically called Bottle garden. It is growing as in the form of decoration.

Firstly me and my father collect the bottles that was found in the house. There was some cold drinks bottles and some oil bottles. Then I wash these bottles with soap. I cut a bottle in half with a cutter. And my father mix the soil in it. My father put mint in it. And the final look of this bottle is like that:

This is the bottle of oil haha. Firstly I thought that I colouring all of the bottles but then I change my mind. Because this bottle also look beautiful without colouring.

Then my father take the next bottle of sprite. He heat up the knife on the fire. Then makes the hole in bottles. And he also grow mint in the bottle and the second bottle looks like this form.

It's looks so cute also. I like the mind level of my father. Because he is a master mind man. After these two transformation of the bottles ,he said to me that also cut the bottles in half because he grow aloe vera in the bottle. Then I cut the bottle in simple half form and then put the soil and grow the aloe Vera. My mother's like aloe Vera plant because this plant has many benefits. This plant is used for the refreshing of the skin. And my mother's eat one spoon of aloe Vera pulp daily. Because this pulp is best for management of sugar level and reduce constipation.

I'm glad I made my day productive this morning. Today I have learned a lot from my father. I really enjoyed working with him. I have found my father to be a professional in this field. He also make fertilizers by his own hand. He also spray the plants when they need. In my view, my house is beautiful with the part of the greenery lawn.

We should all plant once in a lifetime. I remember my teacher words. He said one time in a lecture that:

"Plants have ability to identify their owner so, Never underestimate the power of plants"

By the way, I grow different plants in my house like plumaria, euphorbia, asparagus fern, brinjal, date, Christmas tree, palm tree, mint, coriander, spinach etc. I love the view of my house where the nature green colour arises. Sometimes when I wake up early in the morning then I walk without shoes on the grass. It's feeling like amazing. I can't tell you how much I get peace from these plants. Especially those which I can grow by my own hands.

I hope guys you like to read this article. Have you ever planting in your lawn guys?

What's type of plants do you grow in your house?

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Stay happy, stay safe and stay healthy. Have a blessed day Guys. :)


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Written by   38
3 months ago
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