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Mabuhay! A blessed and happy Sunday everyone! Are we all ready to face another week?

Anyways, who's excited to celebrate the hearts day tomorrow? Well, Valentines day is not just intended for couples out there, so stop whining and complaining if you don't have a date lol. Moreover, let us not forget that God is the perfect epitome of unfathomable, infinite, and unsurpassable love. So always put God first in every relationship we are in, it can be your friends, family, or the person you are intimate with. Once again Happy Valentines Day.

So much for that, we will not talk about love this time because I am participating another challenge that was initiated by one of my favorite cousin/best buddy/ writer @MoonTrader . If you are interested to give it a shot, you better have to check this out and hit ME.

First and foremost, you must follow the mechanics of the challenge for your entry's validation.

Challenge Mechanics

  • Write an article that is above 4 minutes reading time.

  • Answer the following questions below (4 questions).

  • Answer the 4 questions in your own (Avoid Plagiarism).

  • Use the tag or add topic #MyReadCashStory for easy to find your entry.

  • Submitting of entry until February 27 (11:00 PM Philippine Standard Time)

  • Tag @MoonTrader

  • Join and Submit in the Community Read Cash Writings.

  • Failed to follow the Mechanics means your entry is Invalid.

  • Include the Mechanics in Your Article/Entry.

The main task in this challenge is to answer the following questions below;

  • How did you get here in "READ CASH"?

  • How Challenging it is as a writer that need to write article everyday?

  • How did "READ CASH" help you?

  • What are the Lessons that you learned in "READ CASH"?

So, without any further ado, let the blogging begin!


How did you get here in "READ CASH"?

Most of you already know that my kambal @Sequoia is the one who introduced me this platform. I was in the midst of hopelessness due to the pandemic, when all of a sudden I received a message from her through Facebook messenger. She explained to me thoroughly the purpose and the basics of this site, and even shared to me her testimony when she received her first pay out. I was so eager to make money even without going outside in order to contribute something to my family, yet the current crisis hampered me to do so. I feel so worthless and depressed knowing that I am no longer of use. Even though writing is not my thing, I unhesitatingly made an account with the guidance of my kambal and wrote my first ever article without having any second thought of the possible consequences as well as the criticisms that I might received from other writers since I am not that fluent in english both verbal and in writing. And I guess my desperation leads me to do the said action.

How Challenging it is as a writer that need to write article everyday?

Well, at first I find it so challenging and fun at the same time because when I began publishing my works here in it took me two to three hours to finish one article due to the reason that I am so afraid to commit grammatical errors, and wrong choice of words. Honestly speaking, I was after with the earnings (can't deny it), yet as time goes on, the passion that was hidden deep within my heart is gradually awakening as the words keep popping into my head and I want to write them down, which might be the possible clue that writing/blogging became part of my daily living. What I mean is, writing an article with a minimum of 600 words each and everyday was no longer difficult for me because once I write with all my hearts content my hands can't stop from typing, and It's quite fulfilling when you publish something within the day without minding the tips you received from the bot, and without being judged by other users.

How did "READ CASH" help you?

A lot! Everytime I cash out some amount from this site, I always make sure to give the half of it to my mom as my contribution for our daily necessities. I am so relieved to be of help, and I could say that I can no longer depend on my parents whenever I want to buy something, and I can withdraw my earnings immediately in times of unforeseeable emergency or circumstances. Aside from that, it also helped me improved more in my writing skills and somehow boosted my confidence to share my daily happenings/experiences. Lastly, it helped me find new second virtual family and friends. Indeed, is our HOME.

What are the Lessons that you learned in "READ CASH"?

  • If there is a will, there is always a way.

  • Writing can ease all your pain that you can't verbally expressed.

  • There are a lot opportunities found online.

  • Make writing as your passion.

  • Don't waste any opportunity.

  • Patience and perseverance is the greatest tandem.

  • In there is always a room for improvement.

  • Hesitation is next to giving up, and giving up is next to regret.

  • You can learn life lessons by reading inspirational, and real-life stories/articles from random users.

  • Always seek for improvement don't settle for less.

Those are just few but meaningful lessons that I have learnt in this site, and I will forever carry and embrace those learnings as I live my life to the fullest in order to reach the peak of success and I believe will make it possible for me.

Closing Thoughts;

I love everything here! This is my second home and my hiding place. is the answer to my prayers, all praises and adoration to you alone Oh God!

Anyways, before I end this article of mine I want you all to meet and give my classmates/friends a warm welcome because they are newbies here in this platform and this is my own way to share the blessings I have received in this amazing virtual community. Kindly visit and support @Gemini07 , @MarCosis , @Eurydice , you can also check and read their articles as well as getting to know them more. Thanks a lot guys! Have a great evening.

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I want to express my sincere and utmost gratitude to those who renewed their sponsorships. @BreadChamp , thank's lot sissybels my loves mwaaah naway magkajowa ay este mabigyan kapa lalo ni Lord ng maraming blessings haha, and to all I forgot to mention thank you so much. And to my newest sponsors for this month of February @BCH_LOVER , @MD_Tibro , and @francis105d1 . Thanks a lot Guys😘.

This is me Athaliah! Sayonara Minna!!!❣️

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Antagal ko na hindi nakakakita ng mga ganito na questions haha 😆 I will try to answer those tommorow.

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1 year ago

Salamat sa pag flex, Kang HAHAHAHAH

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1 year ago

Yeeey, this is a good challenge bal. Pero murag nakabuhay nakog ing ani ang thought hihihihi

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1 year ago

I love the questions and I'll try to participate in the challenge.

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1 year ago

You are most welcome and also thanks a lot for including my name in your article. By the way the challenge you shared is amazing but sorry that I can't participate as some personal problems. You had a great journey and wish you great journey for future.

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1 year ago

Thank you for including me in your article coach and introducing me also. I will take that challenge😁

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1 year ago

Grabe ka sa introduction ha hahha. Laban and sukol ta Always dri na platform 💕

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1 year ago

You're welcome sissybels and thankyouuu din sa pa surprise ! 💗 Nawa'y magka jowa na nga ako soon haha para naman di na akoa taga sana all nalang , char! Hahaha

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1 year ago

Patience and perseverance, Mao jud na ang isa sa ako nakat Onan diri sa sis labi na kay di dayon ta manotice sa green baby...Oi hala friend d i mo ni @Gemini07, nagka exchange mi ug comments Ganiha. Nindot ka storya sya

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1 year ago

I always remind myself Langga "Don't waste any opportunity" then I connect it to the dreams and goals in my life and it continued me motivate. It helps me a lot Langga.

Yes that's true Langga. Here in you can learn a lot by interaction and reading articles langga. This platform is the best. ❤️

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1 year ago