If I were a Murderer, How would I go about it?

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11 months ago

Konbanwa minna san wa!! Thank God it's Friday, who's excited for the weekends? Weheee my heart wants to jump for joy because I can finally take a rest because this whole week was like a rollercoaster ride for me.

Since my mind went blank tonight, I decided to checked my saved articles and chose a perfect content to write. And there I found @Probinsyana 's article about answering harsh questions. You save me again sis! Thanks to the one who initiated this prompt.


Have you ever said Bloody Mary in front of a mirror?

Anyways, who's that? Kidding aside. Bloody Mary sounds familiar to me but I haven't said that name in front of my mirror, instead I say MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHO'S THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL lol. I am just an avid fan of snow white so please bear with me.

If you were to commit a murder, how would you go about it?

Never I have ever killed anybody nor planned to do such insolent crime. But if I were a murderer maybe I will just kill those criminals who doesn't care about humanity and loves to make a huge mess in our country. I'll torture them to death;

  • Hang them upside down

  • Throw them in a lake filled with piranhas

  • Starve them to death

Sounds pretty cruel and merciless right? Don't worry it's just a product of my lame imagination, I just based it on the thriller/horror movies that I've watched lol.

Have you ever had an unexplainable experience with the supernatural?

Multiple times I guess, I already wrote an article about that mostly sleep paralysis and mythical creature encounters.

In your opinion, what is the most brutal way to die?

Cannibalism, burning people alive, chopping humans into pieces, raped and tortured to death. Those are the brutal ways that I really don't want to be the reason of my death. Again I just saw it from all the movies I've watched, jeez I wish I had never watch it.

Which horror movie scarred you for life?

I guess the IT movie, I had nightmares after watching it. I hate clowns who devours children. I also cried when the little brother of the main protagonist was killed and pulled by the deceitful monstrous clown hiding under the sewage.

Which horror movie murder did you find the most disturbing?

The "Hatchet", that was the most disturbing thriller murder movie I've watched long time ago. The killer's name was Victor Wood correct me if I'm wrong. I can still vividly remember the killer's ugly face wearing a jumper suit. He killed those Innocent people mercilessly and chopped them into pieces.

What is the scariest Halloween costume you have ever seen?

Everything that wears killer çlown costumes.

Would you consider tasting human flesh for $100?

Never! Nope! Like Why would I? I'm not that desperate to taste human flesh for only a hundred bucks. For sure I will got nightmares and worst I will be traumatized if I were to do that thing. Cannibalism is not my thing.

Would you agree to participate in a seance?

Nope, I don't have any plans to do so! Well, based on the horror movies that I've watched about ghost encounters like Quija, conjuring,I etc I can't imagine myself communicating dead people with my own supernatural powers. I don't want to risk my peaceful life with it. I am also a scaredy cat, maybe I'll faint if I did that. I just don't have much courage and bravery to handle such.

A séance or seance (/ˈseɪ. ɑːns/; French: [seɑ̃s]) is an attempt to communicate with spirits. The word séance comes from the French word for "session", from the Old French seoir, "to sit".

Source: Google.com

Closing Thoughts;

This is just for fun so please don't take it seriously hahaha. Anyways, if you are interested to write your own entry feel free to participate this prompt. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a nice and wonderful weekend ahead!!

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11 months ago


Haha oii saya nong papakain sa piranha. Tas mga isang libong piranha ang gagawa non sa kanila ano. Wala pang 1 minutes ubos na ang laman nya, buto buto nalang natira hahahanep.

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11 months ago

Hahahaha nang dahil sa movie na piranha natatakot na akong maligo sa dagat ate ruff hahababa

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11 months ago

Nag bloody mary ako infront of our mirror before sis but I failed to finish it hahahaa

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11 months ago

Parang ako nlng ata di nakakagawa nyan sis haha di ko nga kilala yan bwahahahah

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11 months ago

I did tried the Bloody Mary thing a few days at 3 am and someone visited me it was my Mom saying what do you think you are doing in the night holding a candle and murmuring, haha. I got shocked a bit as she switched on the lights saying that. I told her don't mind I am just taking some cool photos. She stared daggers with me. I blew off the candle and straight away ran for my bed.

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11 months ago

Hahahahaha I think your mom is much mor frightening than bloody mary bro, I can't stop laughing 😂

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11 months ago