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Splinterlands - card strategy game - earn rewards and have fun

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1 month ago

I decided to have some fun, return to Spliterlands and play a bit. Platform has been upgraded with some novelties from the time I exited.  And it looks good. 

For example, now there are three coin counters on right top of the page. Previously there were only two - coins and DEC. 

DEC - Dark Energy Crystals - Coingecko

There is also SPS, or splintershard, the official governance token. 

How to make money of it?

Well, there is definitely more than one way. Battles, quests and season rewards are the most exciting ways of course. 

You can also buy-sell cards, hodl, make tutorials about Spliterlands related topics ... etc.

Now, when I am restarting I am back in basics and down to a very limited card set, which makes it even more fun.  

Of course I am down in a basement with DEC reward as well but win is a win, hehe

Not making much of the winning, in fact I am losing half of the battles. Let's say it is equal on both ends.

Some card sets are stronger than the others, for example the dragon... Those can create quite a commotion. 

Ok, I thought that I am legit dead when I saw a dragon, turns out no, no other fire spiting lizards on a team.

Even when there is a better set of team players you can easily lose the battle over the rule set. So, that's also important to learn. 


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1 month ago
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