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Review: Raised by Wolves (2020 )

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2 months ago

I finished watching the first season of Raised by Wolves, a science fiction drama. I can only say that it is disturbing. There are not so many graphic scenes, but I would suggest you to keep this away from the little children. It is really not a content they should watch.

The plot is following. Two fractions are drenched in a gruesome war in dystopian future. This is apparently what has been left of the place during the war.

Religiously obscured believers, Mithraic, are fighting the Atheist.

Atheists use suicide bombers and children warriors.

They are both militant and the first looks something like a modern version of the inquisition that is on the path to destroy every other religion on Earth.

Mithraic capitol, based on comic.

The followers of the religious fraction are using the Necromancers, the advanced androids that can destroy anything organic in seconds using their voice or eyes, and to make things worse they can fly.

Also they are disturbingly creepy...

But, one scientist from the atheist fraction, manages to capture and reprogram one Necromancer into a nursing model and sends it together with a companion service model to a distant planet to restart a human civilization far away from the horrors of the war.

"Father" and "mother"

I have more than one objection.

I think that visual appeal is great, graphics and androids completely hog the spotlight, but a plot is kind of confusing. I don't know what exactly should be an achievement of two androids raising just 12 humans on a distant isolated planet and how the course of the evolution should go from that point onward, besides down the hill...

De-evolved human into a "creature"

I mean, the whole premise is completely idiotic. Take for example a point that these android raised people are feeding themselves off the land basically not using any advanced technology whatsoever, because their ship is conveniently stuck in some ginormous hole.

This is one of those holes. I don't know... I would start asking questions what made those sinkholes, because they do look very artificial, but then again I am not an android...

During that time the children grew ill and one by one, except a single specimen, die.
Of course they try to approach the ship after more than ten years of being there, and a ship of course gets destroyed.

But, even with the androids being equipped with all sort of gadgets inside of their body, they found out that a food they were producing is radioactive by testing it in a stolen pod, which is ridiculous from more than one point. This is just not logical.

On the other side there is a quite obvious lapsus. The believers also headed towards the same planet, because the Earth was fried, but they are set into hibernation pods as well as their underaged children and spent there 30 years.

While their bodies were hibernating their minds continued to exist, communicate and live in a virtual reality.

You see where I am going?

Those children that were in the hibernation pods, didn't change mentally and it would be normal if they had 30 years to grown mentally, they would not kept their child mentalities, emotions, behaviors at all.

They would emerged matured.

Another strange thing is that the androids develop the personalities but when the spaceship with the believers arrive, instead of logically let the humans take their remaining surviving child, an android Necromancer not only prevents that but also goes up into the spaceship and destroys possibly the last remaining humans within it, taking only 5 children. Minor number survives the crash, but how this malfunctioning robot thought to revive a civilization based on such a petite number of humans, is not logical in any way.

After they found out that food is toxic, androids and kids capture and kill one odd creature for food, later to be found these creatures are devolved humans...

Raised by Wolves discusses multitude of very hard to digest and complex human issues, from rape, murder, obsessives behaviors, madness, violence, ancient aliens playing tricks, de-evolution and even cannibalism... but doesn't really stop on anything in particular.

The plot is interesting, and it gets even more interesting but very confusing. At parts it is hard to follow up what a hell is going on, and there are a lot of things that are not explained. I don't want to spoil a movie for you, so if you are interested just watch it.

For others who like to know what they are getting into, these are the reviews and explanation what is going on.

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I hope you enjoyed this review. Come again.

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2 months ago
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