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Restarting my blogs - weekly starters review

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2 months ago

I didn't write for a few months and the previous week was sort of a restart for me. I am sure most of the people wish to know earnings the first thing on, because the personal taste dictates our user experience.

Without a surprise Hive blockchain ( Hive, Leofinance, dBuyy, dtube and 3speak) gave me the best financial result for my posts. An average earning per post was about $1. Second best from financial aspect was NoiseCash with $10, but only $1.5 was for sharing links to the same posts. Third was Blurt with $2.3, which is OK because I gave the least effort there.

All the other websites such as the Whaleshares, Golos.ID, Publish0x, MemoCash, Odysee and ReadCash made me sub-zero earnings, with the last making me clean zero. ReadCash is a part of the same group like the NoiseCash, so I will maintain my blog there.

💥What I have in mind for the next week?

Re-sharing links on the microblogging websites is not doing me any favor, so I will see to exclude that I focus on communication. I have a few too many so I will need to optimize that. I will start an invite campaign for ReadCash and NoiseCash for my Twitter followers, and try to increase my following if possible. Repurposing blogging websites would be a great idea. I also started my writing shop, where users can buy short unique texts for BCH.

For now I have nothing much to share considering blogging/microblogging. I will have something more to show the next week.

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2 months ago
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