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Purple flowers, grudge and cash

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2 months ago
Topics: Conversation, Life, Blog

I decided just to write whatever, because what else I can do right now. I know I could write something more relevant, or in a better format, but i really don't have energy for all that fancy.

Yesterday was a shitty day in general, I felt really sick and today is even worse. I woke up in 5am in horrifying pains, wobble somehow out of a bed and went walking with double dosage of coffee and water. After 2 hours I cleared up a bit but even now after 6 hours being up I am nowhere close being any better.

And I have another 12 horrifying hours to do, so I hope some engagement online will take my mind off that shit.

The only time I am OK is when I sleep. Sometimes I have some dreams and I remember they are weird in a way, I think last few ones were about being with a group of people locked underground or something like that, then I was packing something like we are moving out but those were not my stuff or my family. Usually I don't remember or I just black out and sink into a dreamless sleep.

Occasionally I wake up exhausted with the disturbing loss of weight. Nobody can just loose 7 kilograms in a batch during just one night, but it seems that I can.

Yesterday I decided I will stay in NoiseCash for a while, on Memo I started to receive dumb crap like this one ( that img on Imgur says "ass me later" in case you wonder). I am really not in a mood for that sort of a spam, I lit was barely breathing yesterday. And no, that user usually doesn't send anything like that to others. It seems he has a specific thing just against me.

That guy basically was harassing me with nonsense for hours ( I was in bed the whole time so nothing much to do anyways) and then he was pretending to be a victim.

How it started? He sent me a naked ass image from imgur and at first I had no idea what that even was about, but then I made a joke on him and mocked him in another status, and he didn't like my reaction because he is used that everyone on that page lick his boots as he is basically the major sponsor there.
So, a pervert with money got offended.

He accused me of everything from spying on him, lying, not being sick and finally even of murder.
Needless to say I don't spy on him or anyone, or do any of that but when he got to the part where he said that I pretend to be sick I just wished him both our conditions combined because I have been on that page sharing that horror and he knows it very well.

( I have been documenting my problems for almost three years , my kid brought a violent virus from school which burnt my liver and her pancreas caused her auto immune diabetes, she can't be cured anymore, I'm not pretending anything )

So accusing me to lie for empathy ( it's sympathy but he is obviously illiterate idiot) and gathering money ( I didn't asked any ) is just fucking imbecilic. I trade and write on blogging websites just like anyone else.
Some people are just that fucking stupid they don't need any help to get the grudge on their heads.

Afterwards I dragged myself out of a bed and took kid for a walk. We had an opportunity to watch young crows and follow them a bit around. Adult crows were above them in branches observing the situation.

I was back to bed after dinner. Unfortunately that is all I can do for myself for now. My doctor is coming back from her vacation in Friday and I'm not fond of the substitute.

This is an image of a flower I took this morning I hope you will like it.

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Avatar for AschatriaSvaAmedhya
2 months ago
Topics: Conversation, Life, Blog
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