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INVITE ONLY: Few questions for, a Review and sharing 5 legit invites

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7 months ago

I received an invite code for on EOSIO this morning. I wanted to test and review it for some time. It was a word that it will contain KYC and in fact it contains a 3D face video verification, which is not all that bad.

It is invitation only and after signup ( CODE) you have to submit a nice face video to verify your humanity. The good thing is that you can change the unfortunate image later in case it is not flattering.

In my case it was horrible because I look like I died six times... Profile photo upload doesn't work for my usual icon, which I absolutely hate.

The reason why I chose to join and try it, is that I saw that the people actually post very good content there. Some of them.

There are also problems with the trading these tokens. Voice tokens are nowhere to find, that is the first problem, the Exchange that was working with them is RIP because of the hacking issues ( I think) ... second... I joined their Telegram and there is still no word where will VOICE be traded. Apparently they do not want to submit it into some shady exchange, so the whole process takes time.

I have 5 invites for, after the signup the app will ask you a 3D face image, and I want to invite only legit content creators who can leverage this community. Not somebody who will just moan giv'meh-giv'meh just because after a signup we can claim 3000 VOICE tokens...

Invite-only Voice Tokens reset - Your Voice Balance will reset at the end of Invite-only. Resetting Voice Balances allows users to start on equal footing as we move into a live release. Your content, followers, and those you follow will likely not change. - The Voice Team 1 month ago

Also I do not want to invite an ass who will try to sell their own invites codes. Because that usually happens whenever something is exclusive and VIP.

You can add people or join communities.

List of communities:

Also, the post editor is fairly simple but functional.

Stuff I do not like


There is no nightmode, of course that will be the first thing I seek when I come to a new website, so I noticed it right away. A website is an eye killer. IN my personal opinion, this is very ugly website. This will not float for me, so I will make custom CSS and publish it when I am done.


There is no option to block or mute people. I know we all supposed to be nice and stuff, after all being all that real - the Voice is all about real people and real interactions, but I would really appreciate a feature that allows me to NOT see certain things.


Terms of service, Privacy, Ground Rules etc.

Voice Tokens are just for use on Voice. You can’t go out and buy coffee (or anything else!) with them. - Legal

Free speech is our bedrock, but

This just died...

We reserve the right to terminate accounts and suspend accounts at any time.

OK, Master. LOL. Definitely, this is not what many people expected.

Voice is built on a blockchain, which is intended to be immutable.

Immutable blockchain means no account deletion and it is not so. It is better described as a private immutable blockchain, so as long it is available, we can post, if you lose keys ( we get only posting keys, but not the master key) you lose access to that blockchain. I think that explains it.

I suggest reading Terms for the rest. I especially do not like IF a country is set on a blacklist, all users will be terminated instantly... and this is regulated by UN, US and EU. You incorporate rules and laws internationally, but comply to the blacklist of a specific country?

As part of the sign-up process to open an account, you may be asked to complete an identity confirmation process by sharing certain personal information about yourself with us and/or any third-party service providers who we may engage to conduct checks to confirm your identity. Our third-party providers may be located and/or carry out their functions anywhere in the world.

Anywhere in the world and ANY third party service providers... This sounds worse than Facebook. And I have the Facebook. What if your service provider is included in illegal, criminal activity and will intentionally harm your members by you sharing those informations with them?

enable us to comply with applicable laws

There is still no indication which law.

You hereby authorize us and our appointed third parties to make all necessary inquiries (including to governmental, regulatory, law enforcement and other agencies around the world) that we or our third-party providers may deem necessary to confirm your identity, to comply with applicable laws or regulations or to protect you and our other users, and to disclose information about you to governmental, regulatory, law enforcement and other agencies around the world.

Again, none of us is complicit to "around the world". We are not legally obligated by any of this aside of our own country. And Voice seems to have a mixture of various rules that doesn't look like any country is in question.

Contact information

As quoted from the document.

Contact Us
We welcome questions, comments and requests regarding this Privacy Notice and our processing of personal data. Please be sure to review the Voice FAQ. Please use the following means to contact us:

By mail to: 4001 Kennett Pike, Suite 302, Wilmington, Delaware 19807, United States
By email to:
By phone at: +1 540 315 8111

If you are in the EEA, you may also contact our EU Representative, designated for the purposes of Article 27 of the GDPR:
By mail to: Achieved Compliance Advocacy, Ltd., Attn: Ms. S. Ali re Voice, Princess House, Princess Way, Swansea, UK SA1 3LW
By email to:

Alternatively, you may contact our appointed data protection officer whose contact details are as follows:
By mail to : HewardMills Ltd., 77 Farringdon Road, London, UK EC1M 3 JU.
By email :
Please also contact us using the method above if you have a disability and require this Privacy Notice in an alternate format.

The security of your information is important to us. We have implemented appropriate technical, physical and administrative security measures intended to protect your Personal Data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. We limit access to your personal data to those employees, agents, contractors and other third parties who have a business need to know. They will only process your personal data on our instructions and they are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Who wrote this?

Let's talk about the Ground rules. Big pile of mess here.

This is the output from the Voice ground rules, I will just state my opinion. And I have a LOT of questions.

Voice is a place to respectfully speak your mind, not a place to break the law. Don’t post anything that violates any law. Don’t post anything that facilitates, incites or encourages the violation of any law.

I do not know laws of every country. In some countries I would not be allowed to show my face, because they have special set ( in orthodox countries!important) of enslaving laws to prevent women to be anything but a childbearing animals... Just saying.

Wherever you’re located, be mindful of the laws that apply to you.

Well, that is OK, but which rules do apply on or for a website in relation to us...??

Most of the following types of content and conduct are illegal in MANY COUNTRIES and are strictly not permitted on Voice. is not situated in MANY countries, it is a subject to a law of one country. As far as I know. Also Google Play and Apple App are also situated in that country. Unless something changed...

Infringements and Exploitation of Minors - this is ok by me
Promotion of Illegal Activity including (but not limited to):

  • Drugs and controlled substances, including cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco

  • Sexual services

  • Weapons, including firearms, ammunition, and explosives, and instructions on making any of the above

  • Gambling

  • Fraudulent financial ventures or activities of any kind

The Voice, you should really be specific what your webpage is banning and why (but not limited to), because almost all of this is NOT illegal - alcohol, tobacco, gambling... none of this is illegal, ( firearms are not illegal as long you have a permit ) so I do not know by which country's laws the Voice operates.

"Fraudulent" ventures sometimes are masked in a completely legit clothing. And this manipulations include various stocks, token sale, half of cryptocurrency ... it is not just individuals with limited knowledge trying to fleece you up for a few hundred dollars. The entire economic system is based on market manipulation, starting from 1900s - something when a certain loan bill passed without single gram of gold in backup reserve. Check it up.

Hate Speech

  • Promoting or inciting violence, terrorism, or real-world physical harm against any person or group of people.

  • Referring to any person or group of people using slurs, offensive stereotypes, or derogatory or insulting terms based on characteristics such as their race, ethnicity, faith, country of origin, disability, health status, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

  • Using veiled or coded language to try to skirt this rule.

  • Posting hateful symbols, racist images, or other material promoting hate or terrorism

Hateful symbol? Yes, a cross is one of them, especially for a fact to Native Indians. The same symbol means one on the Easterns and a completely different to the Westerns. Just because almost hundred years ago some retard decided that his favorite emblem should contain swastika, which is in fact a symbol of the divinity and spirituality in Indian religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, it became a symbol of darkness, destruction and war - specifically for Western civilisation. So which one would you refer to? Do you consider to use the original meanings of the symbols or their perverted middle ages meaning - for example Baphomet, or wicca symbols today... Do you think that a symbol of bull is ok, or it is a symbol of Baal to whom ancient people sacrificed the newborn children... There are so many symbols with so many meanings... To which meaning would you resort or it will be just your subjective and possible completely wrong assumption??

Also, does the hate speech means using the pronouns, or can we freely use he/she without being called out to promote "intolerance"? Can I choose my own language and speech construction without somebody malvertising my right of expression and accusing me for being "unsupportive"? Do I have that freedom, or that rule protect only the blessed wholesome who have some personal magickal agenda in being called They or It? Can I say to somebody I literally do not care about any of that? Do I have that freedom? Or am I legit obligated to pet their hairy asses just because they believe in some stuff and are somehow entitled to special treatment? I want to know what is a rule about that.

I am just intrigued to know if somebody reports me to not to be kind enough to them, would that person be considered creepy or would Voice accuse me for being a jerk while telling them exactly what they deserve.

By the way, catcalling ( dear, baby, darling... etc) is also a sexual harassment, I don't see many website ban people over that so the Facebook dropouts usually come on these website and creep on people... Just saying. Maybe you should include that in your policy, so whenever somebody baby me, I can hammer them.

Threats and Harassment

This rule includes so many things, I can be accused of many of these things just because somebody doesn't like my tone, or doesn't like my opinion or because they are snowflakes and their feelings get trampled by cold facts and reality check. I do not live in United States. But I do not live in the Unicorn Fairy Land either. I am cutting edge alternative when it comes to many things, but for some I don't give the rat ass.

Invasions of Privacy or Defamation ( unless it is a public figure)

This is wrong in so many ways. The fact there are so many RULES for all kind of bullshit, but the users can freely shit on public figures? Do you understand that all people on your page are REAL, and they by that BECAME public figures. I am sure that logic never crossed your mind, and you have some issue with the public figures being smeared on your website. This is wrong, and I am personally against it. If the rule applies, it should apply on everybody and this is a huge inconsistency.

I know that every social network makes a difference between commoners and celebrities, but this is also not the way.


  • Don’t intentionally share facts or information you know to be false.

  • Don’t make misleading statements about your relationship or affiliation with any person or organization.

  • reposting content scraped from third-party sources

  • anything that contains malware, phishing attempts, unwanted pop-ups, or any other harmful content or links to any website that does.

How would you know the difference between intentional and accidental?
What if you get fired in the meantime? Do we owe Voice an excuse note? Should we upload a contract termination documents? What is a person/organisation blatantly lies? What if the two parties end up in a court over that, would you wait until resolution or terminate their membership at hand??
Can we repost our own content? What if I have a different username on that website? How would you check??
What if I have a popup blocker so I don't even see all that crap? What if a website contains a malware "somewhere" but not on a direct page link which I used?

If you break rules you have a six strikes before Voice removes your profile. That would be like this:

The penalty progression will generally look like this:
Strike 1: Warning
Strike 2: 24 Hour Mute
Strike 3: 7 Day Mute
Strike 4: 30 Day Mute
Strike 5: 1 Year Mute
Strike 6: Permanent termination of your Voice account

Zero Tolerance policy and will result in immediate termination.

  • Sexual exploitation of children

  • Direct threats of or calls for violence, terrorism, or real-world harm

  • Maliciously sharing intimate or personally identifiable information (doxxing or revenge porn)

  • Attempts to attack, gain access to, or otherwise harm the Voice platform or infrastructure

I have a few questions.
Does a direct threat or call for violence includes me using pagan symbols of ancient druids that in general the catholic church regards as blasphemous and vile attack on their dogma, because their claim God for themselves only... ( not limited to them, all the organized religions do the same)??
If I attack your platform to invade or harm it in any way, how would you proceed determining it was me and what evidence would you submit, if any??

OK, this is also a form where we can submit all those violations:

Date of Last Update for Ground Rules: September 14, 2020

This is all I can think of it looking at the Rules. For now the Voice is just another weird website which was not see friendly reception from the communities where I am usually writing.

I have five legit invites and I am sharing them to a content creators who apply. I can send those to email, at least that is what I see on my Invite page.

If you do not care about all that pile of garbage over there about laws, terms, and you legit don't care about some inflammatory topics, or you are not going to post about drugs and guns... I will pass you an invitation.


I am content creator for multiple websites.
All links find here:

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7 months ago
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