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INKed Aye Drop - "Elder Oak - Crocus v.8"

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1 month ago
Topics: Music, Art, Nature

Instrument: Groovy Loops pad, Crocus

Animation: Songrender, 1:1

Cover art: night photography made by me, weird illumination of the sky is a spontaneous natural occurrence.


It's night.

As above so below; as the tree branches into the sky, so the roots dig deep underground... we need the both.

What your eyes see while sitting under that tree in a long night, seems like just one being, but there are two enchanted into one piece of existence.

People are just the small apparitions in their long walk, and unlike us they do not walk all alone - because, what is the point to travel the stars, if there is nobody to make a Universe home to you.

The darkness under the elder oak never takes a hold, that bright red glow, that entangled mesmerizing glitter - bleeding trembling edge of someone's madness sprouting into your soul.

That is not the whisper written in wind, you don't recon the worlds slithering in the darkness - because how come? - the trees don't talk, but one day we will travel and they will follow along.

As above so below, we need the both.

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