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Fiction: Traveler in the sky - DIY Future step-by-step and how tomorrow happened (PART 5)

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6 months ago

I'm back, I'm alive, I have new information, you will not like it.

This time I went without the Judge who gave up because of lack of action. It is all great and dandy, but what's the use if you can't remember. I am starting to realize the hardships of senility.

Anyways, I managed to hit the right time and I talked to that man whom I saw on the swimming pool. I think I followed him but I have no idea how I ended up inside of the building where the conversation took place.

I remember very little but once again I saw that the sky is darkened, it was very cold and the road was not made of the asphalt. I clearly remember that the roadway and a sidewalk was the exact same width.

I will not lucky-guess or speculate other things, because if I do not know details first hand I don't want to invent some reluctant bullshit and call it for a day.

Anyways, the convo took place and it seems that the dude already get acquainted what and who I am.

You, are amazing. - I said and I was indeed ... well, amazed- How can you exuberate so much energy? - I remember I was sitting on something and I was frisking this guy like it is a new year in the petting zoo...

Yes, you already told me that - he said and then started to shower me with questions - You are very tactile. - he was gently playing with my hands and obviously trying to prevent me exploring him like he was a chunk of dough - How can you see my energy?

Well, yes, I am basically half blind, so I use my spiritual "feel" to "see"... Have I already told you that?

Yes, you already told me that. What do you use to see, or sense?

I guess I forgot that too.I am using more of my... well, me, not my eyes...

You are than not a human being if you have the advance capabilities... But you forgot our entire conversation.

I am not an average human being. But it seems I have a problem with my chronometer. And memory.

What kind of a problems do you suffer?

I usually come back all bashed up and I suffer amnesia. How come that you are so vibrant? - His entire appearance was oddly different from other humans I encounter, the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows were weirdly white, not de-pigmented but actually white colored, and eyes were piercing blue. He definitely look like he has an artificial eyes.

You really don't know. - he said. - Tell me more about the chronometer and amedhya?

It is a concept ... - I said.

I know, you already told me, can you please draw me an image of it. - he handed me a device that looked like todays tablet but a bit different.

Ok - I wrapped my fingers around it touching the edges and I unclipped something that looked like a stylus pen but with the different tip. I pressed the top of the frame and the device powered up and then I started to draw amedhya parts same like we usually do with drawing tablets but without touching the surface of the screen.

How do you know how to use it? I did not explain it to you. - he asked monitoring my every move.

I am very intelligent. - I muttered while engaging with the device.

What is your estimated intelligence? You have shapes in this part - he angled my hand into a small square on the tablet's screen. His motion was surgically precise.

It can't be estimated. - I replied.

Why not? - he was looking at the screen - This is a concept, where is the item?

Estimation doesn't work on me, I am constantly reshaping ... - I was battling with the shapes and sizes on the tablet screen - What item?

You have your Awen, but you do not wear amedhya. - he said.

Awen? - I was trying to understand what he was talking about.

The necklace in your pocket. - he said.

How do you know it is in my pocket? I didn't show you. - I said waving a float-pen above a dimmed screen trying to find a feature - Ermmm... colors? - I needed some color to make markings of my messed up scheme stand up.

Left, then right - he said following my motions. - You showed me the Awen the last time you were here.

It seems that my visits to this place were chronological, as I was always banging the same time difference.

Yes, I do not carry it - I said battling barely visible shades of red, blue and green - You are not really a color type of a person, huh? - I said pecking the fleeting little bubbles - Here... - I handed to him the finished scheme of amedhya - A necklace which I made for amedhya is just a nice item. I just carry the watch. Do you need an explanation for the shapes.

I see it. No, I know what an each symbol and shape means. Maybe if you disassemble an each part... - he took a pen and in a few gestures divided my scheme into seperate parts - and then you take a look at an each part separately... - he rotated a screen to me - Can you think off something new now?

Once again his motions demonstrated an extreme precision.

Not really - I said staring into a screen. The tablet screen was either dimmer and more matte than ours or I was blind as a bat.

Anyways... I am a lil slow with these things, and I was slow to notice his intention but... I don't know how a human eye could use that tablet. But for some reason he seemed to be satisfied.

I think it is something about my chronometer and I do not know how to use it. - I continued.

Does other parties in this experiment - he pointed at the tips of amedhya, three waters and me - use the chronometer too?

No, I don't think so... - I noticed he completely missed the fifth person.

I touched his face and he replicated my motion on my own face. Then I came very close to his face and started to gaze into an each part of it. He replicated that too.

Are those three people aware of your experiment? - he asked while also was exploring my face - You are very unusual looking.

Likewise. - I said contemplating about his weird appearance - Yes they are completely aware of it. - He was legit unaware of the fifth person and the only thing I felt from him was curiosity.

How did you create this concept ...- looking at him from blank point his pupils were visibly not following his moods, thus they must be artificial and his voice was creating weird vibrations - How do you do this? It is not logical. - he asked again.

We stole it - I said short and dive deeper into his mind, something was so peculiar about this dude...- You know you are so extremely attractive. - I said.

Nobody ever said that to me. - he continued - You are extremely interesting ... were you teeth small?

(wtf?) Umm, no - I felt that his question was genuine, but it was a very uncommon question. - I had a stupid dentist, my new one is repairing the damage now.


I mean back in my time... - I was still diving through his mind. He had not as huge energy signature like the Illuyanka, but he had a very steady stream... like a powertrain. Man!, if I have this guy energy print back home, I thought to myself.

I leaned at him, but then he leaned backwards.

Are you an android - on behalf of everyone reading this, I FINALLY asked... and yeah, I know you were on top of it long time before me but you were not in my shoes, then and there, and I have to admit, I am not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

No, I am not an android. - he said sitting very straight. His feel didn't change, his mind didn't tremble, but I noticed that the entire time of conversation he had both hands on me. - And what exactly are you?

I am very human, but with more of... the juice...- I said and continue sinking deeper into him. It seemed that he has similar feel to humans, in fact, identical, definitely is a sentient being.

Not born, or made, but grown... - I said. While I was sinking I started to mutter words which I felt inside of him.

How can you know that? - He ask genuinely amazed - It is impossible.

Why so? - I tried to decipher what I saw, but without knowing details of what those things are ... they did seem to build so I guess it is an evolved nano tech we have today. - Telepathy? Contact on distance? - I was asking but there was no sign of recognition of either.

Humans can't do that. - he said.

I can read anything and ... anybody- I said still staring into his face. This could explain my amazement. This was new. It was not just his physical appearance.

Humans are after all a sentient particles of creation who invaded the state of biological matter, or invaded the most pliable and capable model of biological machine, our bodies. There is no reason why a soul particle wouldn't chose a better model.

Anybody? - He asked. I was maybe reading his mind, but he was reading my behavior, and he was very good at it.

Yeah... - I said still dabbing my hands all over him. He didn't seem to mind that. - So you are a sentient inside of an improved body. How did they come up to that? How did they made you?

They didn't. - he said and I thought immediately how somebody left Windows running for a bit far too long.

I mean how the people come up with an idea to grow.

They didn't. - He was persistent.

So - I was battling trying to estimate what he is - You say you are not an android, and I can't call you AI, because I feel sentient. And you are definitely not an AI.

What is the difference? - he asked.

First of all, a sentient particle is invasive. And you do not react as I expect...?

Invasive? How do you expect the AI to react?

Uh, it just a way I feel things. So... how can I call you... You are not an AI?


Well... - I continued - everything about you says you are a sentient, besides your body. It gives a completely different vibe. Are you sure you are not a cyborg? - his face seemed confused - A cybernetic means...

I know what it is. I am pretty sure I am not. My body gives you a different vibe?

Yes. Like a different feeling.

So you conclude only based on the feelings? Emotions?

Well, no, not the emotions, I am not exactly the smartest thing out there, so my logic is fallible but my feel is always correct.

So your feel tells you about my body?

Yes. It is different.

It's heavier than a human and quite different.

You are heavier?

Yes. - he nodded.

How much? - I asked

You can try to lift me up. I mean you are a deity... - he nodded gently - It should not be a problem to you.

I don't remember saying to him that I am a deity, so that information must came from my previous visit.

Yes, that would be a definition, but not exactly very correct. - I assumed he wanted to test how strong I am and if I am any threat to him. He did tested can I see his tablet program.

So, you are ... stronger? - he asked

Ummm, yeah, ok... - I waved my head left-right trying to get what he wanted me to do - You want me to try...?

Yes - he stood up and opened his arms expecting me to lift him - Have a try.

OK... - I stood up observing how to hold a grip around him.

Now, let's hit a pause for a moment.

I am not a deity of divine knowledge. I am the one who breaks shit. OK? Is that clear?
I am as you are, but when I pump up I am hilariously strong. Otherwise I legitimately list myself as a mediocre person and I can't lift more than a bag of potatoes.

So, you can understand that I was freaked out by his demand. What if swap modes and I fuck up?

His total weight considering his size shouldn't be too much, even an averagely week person could push him.

I am not tall, in fact I am average height, but when I was on the swimming pool I noticed that the women are all shorter than me by a good head, and the men were below my size. This guy was taller with broad torzo and if he was a human he would weight 80 kilograms maximum.

When I was touching him, he felt as nothing unusual, maybe a little bit thicker than today's human being, but nothing over the top.

Still, compared to the humans in his time, who completely lost their animalistic side and their grit, yeah, he was a freaking terminator.

So, now you understand my discomfort. I really liked him, I didn't want that some weird stuff happens and he .. shatters in pieces or something. Or that he decides to shatter me, which has a better chance as an outcome.

Ok - I said and carefully wrapped my arms around him - Ugh - I glued side of my face on his chest, and I can tell you, he didn't expect that. He held my shoulders shortly because of a surprise, but then let them go.

What I thought will be a piece of cake, was not exactly my cup of tea.

I tried to carefully lift, but nothing happened. He was bitchin' heavy! I tried once more, but I felt that more I pull, the more resistance his body gives to the surface, so I gave up.

You are almost there - he said, gently releasing my upper arms and expecting me to try again.

Aw, no, no - I gave up, stepped back and hopped in excitement. He stepped slowly but very precise again sideways and I noticed that he was trying to jam the possible direction to exit or doors with his body.

You are so heav... - I muttered - Wait.... how do you swim if...?

I swim just fine... he said leaning slightly forward.

Wow, aw my... I was grinning trying to get it and then I got it, finally - Wait, you glue on the surface...Ha!

Yeah - he said and stepped towards me - Can you please sit down. - It was not a question. It was said as an order.

Aw sure, wow - I was still giggling, I sat down and curled my legs under me letting him to sat me down.

He sat very close again so I had nowhere to put my legs, I just shove them into his lap. Now, he didn't expect that either.

I am not really into this physical things. - I said and stroke my hand across his shoulder, he again leaned a lil back - Sooouuuu... erm, you can do all this, you look like a male, and... what is then a problem with this ...- I think he finally figured out I like him, so he smiled.

That was not a kind of a smile you would expect. I don't even know if he is capable to smile, but surely he can do it as he is built upon human image. He grinned and it looked like a shark snarling into your face. I noticed his front teeth were normal, but the back teeth were all pointy. I have no idea what could be a usage of that design, or if he even eats food or what kind of a food.

He wasn't holding me very tight, but he had both his hands on me, and one of them was always touching my skin in every given moment. I didn't feel that was a sign of affection and he was very cautious while doing it.

I didn't notice any behavior change, no change of feeling, nothing. He was even calm when connecting dots that I maybe like him.

I was on the other hand reading his mind as fast as I could, with all those data running though his head, nothing stroke his nerve. Not even when he grinned, and that might be accidental so I just deployed another hook.

So, you are like a ... - I uttered the next sentence which he again interrupted.

...a sentient - he slightly tilted his head forward me...

Yeah, like a deity level sentient?

Now, THAT stroke a nerve.

I would really like if you could stay. - he swiftly said.

I think he evaluated my imperial nature extremely good. But, he did not have any negative connotation about it. It doesn't seem that I hit his narcissistic nerve, more like hitting something very fundamental. But in his reasoning my self interest could be larger than my innate need and me robbing the technology might altered the future and as a result delete his kind out of the existence.

Whoever made this, built them on the human image. Using a man model might be for the authority, I felt no fear at all, and his behavior was extremely dominant, considering how many times he interrupted me.

The question is, if I talked to him before, even if I do not remember, why they do not try to stop me? Like, if I am about to delete them, why there is no gun in my head when I arrive??
AI would do that. A robot would do that. Terminator, most definitely yes. But, obviously this guy was neither of that. He reacted as a human, and that was the most amazing thing. He also reacted like somebody who doubts that I am telling the truth, or, in case I just glitched back in front of him, doubts in own sanity.

Can you stay? - he asked - At least a bit longer.

I don't know how, I don't even remember what happened. - I said to him - How did we start talking? How did we meet?

You followed me. - he said putting a tablet in between us - Can you try to do this... - he scribble a few motions across the screen with that float-pen - the design you made for amedhya resembles a clockwork, how about you try something like this?

I assumed if I followed him he reacted to me as somebody would react on a lost kitten.

Is this screen invisible to hum...?

Yes. - he said shortly.

I think he was more entertained by my features than a possibility I might be a time traveler.

Ok... - I put my eyes back to his idea design - Was there some woman here previously?


Where is she now? Is that your... girlfriend?

No, I do not follow human customs. I like to observe humans.- he said. This could explain why he is spending time on that swimming pool - I sent her away. - he continued.

Sending another human female away because of me sounds extremely encouraging.

Did I do something to you last time...? - I asked.

Yes, you demonstrated affection, just like now, but I didn't know what to do about it. Or what you are?

What did you think I am?

I thought you are one of us, but than we talked. - he said continuing - Can you stay longer? Will you tell somebody about this?

How come you didn't say any of this to anyone?

I didn't think of it as important - he was lying but his body again was not in compliance with that lie - You really do not remember anything?

I remember some small details and...

Before I finished the sentence, he ZAPPED me.

Dude was holding me up close because he has the stunt-guns installed into him. He fucking blasted me with an electrical bolt.

I remember a bright white light surging into my mind and the next thing I remember is myself flying over the sofa and landing abruptly on the floor next to it. An unknown woman ran into the room and found me on my back screaming and yelling incomprehensible nonsense about everybody dying and how somebody will kill us...

She immediately grabbed her head and hurl to help me to get up but when I moaned in pain she left me there and ran to lock the door and jam the windows. Then she kneeled on the floor next to me and took an old fashion wire phone and called the police.

She lamented and told to the police to come immediately because there is a woman in distress in her house and somebody is pursuing me. She told them that I am barefooted and possibly injured.

A policeman and her family arrived shortly after and found her in tears telling them that there is a maniac on the loose and that I heavily hit my head. I was still on the floor rambling nonsense.

They came, the policeman asked if I done something and she says no, I am just lying there and my head and back must be very injured.

Her son and husband put me on the sofa. the Policeman asked me what happened but concluded that I am in shock and told them he will call an ambulance.

the Woman sat on the chair to look after me and the men were in front of the door. I heard the husband asking a policeman should he take steps because he can't leave the wife alone in a house if somebody is flogging women in the neighbourhood.

Woman left her seat because she heard a noise outside so she probably assumed an ambulance came. I took the chance and glitched back into present time before the smurfs in white get a hold of me and feed me with the sedatives, infusion and what the fuck not.

I had no idea you are so chaotical - Judge said talking to me on next day after the report.

What a hell would you do in that sort of a situation! - I was drinking my coffee. I don't know with how much force he blasted me, but I have been wind up the whole day.

What year did you hit?

I have no idea. Looked like '70s.

Have you checked weird history events yet...?

No and I don't think there will be anything to find. They probably just let it ride. It is not uncalled that a disoriented woman just walks out while unattended...

You do have a nice tan though...

An hour there worth week frying on the beach.

Will you go again? Why do I even ask. Of course you will.

Yes, that dude gave me an idea...

Yeah, zap it, it's working.

No, the other idea, beside that. - I continued - He can only know about me if I come there chronologically. I say that is an advantage.

It is an advantage - Judge said - only IF you can change the time of your arrival...

Will see... and... I have a plan.

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Good story, but so long😄

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