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Damn 🐝 fell from the top of oak 🌳

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2 months ago
Topics: Life, Writing, Nature

I woke up this morning rather early and went for a walk fooling myself I will be fine. I lie to the people that I am OK and nothing is happening, just to make them feel better. I believe this is how it is going to be for me till the end. Currently I am just playing a very brief overtime.

It became clear yesterday that the things are going south. I started to be slow, drowsy, my speech slurred, either I can't remember which word to use in a sentence or how to pronounce it. Today is even worse.

After a solitary morning walk I came back to pick up my kid for a second round so she can spend some time with me while she can, I told my hubby that it is not good and that my body is no longer listening me.

But, instead talking about that, he asked me to make him a coffee and told me afterwards we have to clean and empty the room that is going to be renovated.

Our flat looks like a storage facility at this moment because I am sick and he doesn't care about those things. My condition and speech are worse today so what I said and how didn't appeal to his ear and he shrugged at me like I am a villain.

I went for a walk with my kid but we talked almost nothing because I wasn't able to. We sat down on my favorite spot, under the huge oak tree. I was hoping to get some peace of mind there.

Instead, after a few minutes I felt a sudden hit on my left arm and when I looked at the spot I saw that a lower half of a bee fell on the middle part of my forearm and stick with the few millimeters long stinger directly into my vein.

And it was one big angry bee. Because that stinger was enormous.

It took me two seconds to understand what exactly I am looking at, and when I removed half of the misfortunate insect I had to separately pull out a very long stinger.

I am not allergic ... but the notably red bump appeared at that spot and my entire arm started to hurt and numb. It took a while for the venom to spread, currently the numbness is up to my shoulder and I feel horribly sleepy.

No, I will not go to the ER , I don't fucking care to be chained onto an i.v. for hours and then sent home.

Misfortunate bee was either a victim of a bird or another insect that launched its remains from the top of the tree. How it landed and stick into me looks like a freak accident. Just I do not believe in such a thing as an accident.

I found out that bee venom is used for the alternative treatment of various conditions including liver problems, and is a subject of a few modern studies today.

I would never experiment with the venom on my own, it is not safe at all, neither I even knew about this but I guess NOW I don't have a choice.

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2 months ago
Topics: Life, Writing, Nature
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