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Daily dose of inspiration and daisies: "Đogecoin", Soylent Green and Not-A-Parody aka Not-the-Future

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7 months ago
Topics: Humor, Lol

The title itself sounds more demotivational, than inspirational. But, it is only a point of a view that makes a difference between one and another. I am not here to recuperate or save you from the escapism, I leave it to you all the romantic people out there, same as the reality check. You may decide to take it or not. Same as you may decide to take a COVID vaccine, because it depends on you.

Expectation is something that is hard to pin down, that's why I am amazed by the people who live in delusion detached from reality and believe it is real to the point that they believe that everyone else is not normal.

I recently changed my profile and for some reason some people are not comfortable with my current outlook. Is something wrong??

Could you please describe what a Real Me should look like because I would really love to know? When you read my crap in here who do you see behind it?

That is only one of the stuff put there as plain and as obvious it can possibly be. Whatever flatters you should look like ( or even be lol) a celebrity, whatever you despise should be an undertaker level of gross...

Fucking up with Đ ( no, it is not spelt ĐOGECOIN)

Recently we all see some major movements in the world, I mean on the Twitter, and most of the people waiting for it, saw it coming up. And it was not all the rage, it was all the bad.

It was all that bad, and no wonder some people suspect something is not really in place...

or they know, but who fucking cares...


All that talk about poor people crypto and doge and then Tesla invests in lit rich people crypto and a fucking BITCOIN. The major asshole dragged doge for a week and then adopted btc.

This is a rope burn to altcoin maximalists who actually believed that whoever is involved would convey anything but a coyote level of scavenge. And that’s the best they could come up with? Now, I am just waiting to see how they will justify that. Because I am sure they will.

Soylent Green and eons long social programming

Being humble, agreeable and meek guarantees a life of servitude to your feudal masters. Change my mind.

"You cannot serve two masters! Stay humble!" I just love when bigots ask others to stay humble, do not take on material world and so on... while rolling elbows deep into the grease... And, it is a discrepancy.

Yes you can serve as many masters there is, but it depends how much time of your life you give to each.Also having too much is not even a valid constant, what ever because you never can have enough, whatever it is. Human spirit is competitive, expanding and imperial. Life and all things in nature are like that. People who get obsessed and crazy because of wealth already were like that before they got rich and they have no vision or idea how to expand even further.

For example, if you richest in a village you expand to better life in village, if you richest on a planet you expand to improve a civilization. But if you are small mind and get rich just because then you post stupid memes and monkey around like crazy idiot and we little common people with no such lucky chance have opportunity to see and have fun about it...

It is like a complete lack of imagination. And intelligence.

There are multiple examples of family wealth passed down from Middle Ages. These are all former ruling families who today run huge corporations, hedge funds and insurance ... To them it is far easier to control mass of poor who never think further of tomorrow, why do you think church inclined commoners to stay ‘humble’??

The small minds bring nothing but grief of others at the table, that is such a proclamation I agree but - there is even better proclamation, those minds are product of our civilization and the rest of us make their existence possible. So taking comfort in an idea that none of us including all who have more than us will take our wealth to the afterlife is pure escapism.

For the sake of the escapism, I also do not follow any sports or politics, because all that is a bullshit theatre. Instead I'm watching TikTok and 5-Minute crafts, I will thinking about start liking Instagram too.

There are other things I can't stop laughing about. Some are so innocent looking.

"Fruits are healthy, think about eating fruits every day, start a day with a giant bow of grains and fruits, they are healthy for you, increase health... " - It also increases sugar intake and pH ...

Do you know why human beings were encouraged to adopt high starch/sugar diet? So they would max efficiency during their work capable lifetime, but die of the consequence of that diet sooner so that lesser number of old people would press on the work capable population... Today it is even further on with various other inhibitors, otherwise the consumer economy that is in power and progressing for a small eternity would collapse. Soylent Green. Think about it.

It is so easy today to justify the mass genocide under ploy of ecology. The idea of the species preservation has no grounds as 99% of all species which ever inhabited this planet extinct far before humans were even on stage. And planet is still here. Waltzing in her blue glory beautiful as ever... You know what else makes no sense...

If we have to choose between our children and grandchildren, and them, chose our own and save your damn self. The only ones that can jive it through the ultimate mass extinction are the viruses, germs and insects and you don’t want to mess with those nasty fucks.

The future is mine

This image is largely incorrect.

Nikola Tesla will live forever, and that monkeyshit of a corporation claming his name as likely as not will squirt the last jizz pretty much the same time when its boss drops the spoon.

I am here to stay and live forever, of course...

Tesla was a genius. He wouldn’t chose BTC. He wouldn't chose any crypto or fiat at all, because the future he envisioned was nothing less but ideal. Some people will live to see it, the rest should vet their assets into something.

What should you chose to invest into? Well it is not crypto, nor gold, no assets, no conglomerates ran by Đ meme lords who can't spell a correct name of a crypto they won't adopt. Invest in mass exodus research and technology, because just one of those pebbles in the neighborhood is enough to wipe off the entirety of human race and collaterals like a snot from this planet.

There are multiple mentions across a few religions a few thousand years deep ( and further) and a few novel studies that kind of confirm it. You will need either an armada or a giant space habitat with approximately 12 000 humans to jump start a civilisation - so count with something in a scale of " That is impossible" to "you are completely fucking nuts" ... or one smaller ship and a bat shit crazy non-organic lifeform with a giant DNA sequencer and flourishing imagination .. That is if you have faith into a demigod level of intelligence that thinks SETI is a suspense thriller... Just saying. Also, don't dig under Antarctica there is nothing there, captain Byrd had too much grog.

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7 months ago
Topics: Humor, Lol
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