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Building my visual portfolio on Instagram and TikTok for Lensy.Io whitelist

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11 months ago
Topics: Art, Photo, Photography, Lensy, Instagram, ...

I started posting photo and digital art on the Instagram. The reason is that only post the static images, without the videos or GIFs. I post the videos that are all original animations on the TikTok.
This is my Instagram page.

Unlike with the other social media networks, I have a real life acquaintances who are using the Instagram, so in case I followed somebody I wanted they also know who I am, so I don't get blocked lol.

In fact I do not know anyone who is using anything but the Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. That is sad, but that is a reality.

I already have the TikTok for animations, so I post that kind of the work over there, together with the 3D and GIFS.
I also started creating the simple beats and music for the work I am posting on the TikTok, I mostly use the Grovepad, until I upgrade into something else.

Grovepad is fun because it is simple and easy, and with the InShot once I have an animation created I can save it and later merge my animations and music instantly on a phone, without the need to do anything on the PC.

The reason why I am posting on both Insta and TikTok is that I want to join the Lensy.Io (Collectible, Scarce, Tokenized Photographs) which is built upon HIVE, so I need to make a portfolio of the visual work to submit it for the approval.

For now I have 20 photos/digital art on Instagram and 16 animations on TikTok.

I have been posting the animations on the TikTok from the NOvember, but I think I have the app itself from this summer.

That is a reason why I have more followers on the TikTok but less posts, as animations are in general a bit harder to do than the photos or digital drawings.

These are all my original works. Here is also a screenshot of my TikTok profile.

In a picture is my page and that is so far what I have done there, so that is not a problem, but the hashtags are.

I am not all that worried about the TikToks, I am doing fine there, but Instagram is new. I had images on the Instagram but I was never worried about the exposure and especially not about the hashtags.

The business with the hashtags suppose to be the second most important thing on Instagram right after the content. The right hashtags or the ones that are the most popular in the category determine the exposure and how many people will like the work or follow an account because of it.

I am pretty sure that likes/follows will not affect me getting whitelisted from Lensy or not, but I would prefer to do this stuff as much as professional I can possibly do.

What is and why it is so interesting?

Simple as beans, you can sell your art works and photography there to the interested parties.

It is similar to Rarible, which is built upon ETH, but Lensy is built upon HIVE and not THAT expensive to participate in.

To create a tokenized piece of art on the Rarible, you have to pay for it, and we all know what are the gas fees like these days.

Of course I am not an expert so I installed some hashtag apps, I have a few that recognize an image and give a suggestion of most adequate hashtags. So far they are doing OK job, bit for some things they are quite blind.

For example if I use black and white photography, the apps usually return all the basic tags, which I doubt to be much of the use. I am pretty sure that black and white photography has to be a bit sharper and the objects have to be clear, either way if you do have one of these two things the hashtag app will return all the basic tags.

Most of these apps with photo recognition are paid, I bought one of them that seems OK and others I use as a trial.

Trial usually offers one hashtag analises per day or limited features. Most of them are overvalued, and I am not interested into paying monthly or yearly memberships, I am more interested into apps that we can pay once, and that is it.

Now I am looking into the analytic tools for the Instagram, that search will be marvelous LOL. Till now I was pretty much just paying attention how many likes a photo or an image gets, but I guess there are far better tools for that.

When I find the optimal apps I will publish more about it. So far I was only posting, I need some data to compare results and posts, and what should be improved.

In case you are in Instagram too and you are doing photography, let me know. Also please share what is your best buy or free app when it comes to these things such as hashtags, statistics and similar.

Photos, digital art:
All other links:

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11 months ago
Topics: Art, Photo, Photography, Lensy, Instagram, ...
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