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1 year ago

Twenty years ago my husband and I bought our first home, a small two bedroom apartment in the heart if the city. It was a small apartment block with just 24 houses and all of us grew close within the first year of buying our homes there. My neighbor on the right was kind of mean to me and my boys so I kept my distance with her though I was quite friendly. I was relieved to see her move out as I was getting annoyed with her meanness towards my children,

However, there was a pleasant surprise waiting for me. My new neighbor was her mother in law. She was a lady in her mid 70's. She was a retired teacher and a very sociable person. It was easy to become friends with her and I was always hanging around to help her out.

She was so severely stricken with arthritis and her fingers were bent with the disease. Her joints were all creaky and painful, however, I noticed she never complained and whined about her pains. She did mention them sometimes, but never really made that her excuse. 

What amazed me was that at the age of 75 she painted with acrylics for hours despite her pain and bent fingers. 

Her energy was always inspiring.

She learnt so many crafts and was willing to teach anyone who wanted to learn. 

She always gifted us her paintings, her hand printed bed linen, and craft work.

She sang like a lark and with so much joy that her eyes shone when she sang.

She wrote a manual for training teachers in the Montessori school system and trained teachers even at that age. She became a much sought after teacher even at that age.

However, what amazed me is she took a course in oil painting which meant that she would have to travel a distance of 25km a day which almost broke her back. But she didn't cringe.

Mrs David became my friend, my inspiration and my mentor in no time at all.

I loved to hang around her and she loved my company. The age difference didn't really come between us.

I learned how to live life from her. Her attitude towards life and life's problems inspired me a lot. 

We moved out of the apartment into a spacious home as our boys grew up.

I miss her very much, we do have long phone chats every now and then.

Now she seems to be forgetting stuff.

I hope to meet her soon, but with the covid around I don't want to visit her and cause her trouble.

Do you agree that you would also be inspired by someone like her? 

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Written by   71
1 year ago
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