Lady in Blue, Watercolor Artwork

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10 months ago

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Heyy how's your day ? :)

Today I am gonna show you , one of my newest watercolor artwork !

I named it "Lady in Blue"

For me, Blue means "Freedom" or in tagalog, "Kalayaan". I made this artwork for you to feel and think about your freedom. The lady represents "YOU" :)

So the Lady in Blue means, " You and Freedom".

I made this artwork using watercolor and pencil :) I hope you like it

As you can see I focused in emphasizing color blue. Like the dress, hairband, the roses and also the butterflies.

I hope also that you give yourself a freedom, don't push to hard on yourself, everything is gonna be alright. :) We may be busy sometimes but we should not always forget to take care and free ourselves. Clear your minds and relax for a while.

The blue hearts on her cheeks, means to give your heart a freedom, listen to your heart :)

The butterflies and roses around her represents the people and things that gives you freedom and makes you feel that you are free.

I hope you already understand this artwork. If you feel locked up, take time to relax your mind and take a rest for your heart.

Freedom is for everyone and I hope everyone will always feel free and relaxed.

Lady in Blue means " You and Freedom " :))

Always take care of yourself !!

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10 months ago