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Have you ever heard of Art Insecurity?

Its simple it means being insecure in your art, creation or artwork. Art insecurity really affects an artist's mind, causing the artist to lose his/her passion.

Based on my observations , both professional and beginner artist experience art insecurity. The beginner artist wants to improve or be better while the professional artist wants the best.

But WHY? Why do artists experience or feel insecure about their art ? Well because:

#1 They feel that their art is not good enough

#2 They compare their work to others

#3 Lack of Confidence

#4 Someone said that their work is not good and they didn't like it

These are the possible reasons why artists are insecure about their art.

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So How do we stop ourselves from being insecure about our art ?

Never compare your work from the others !

Comparing your work does not help you improve, it just gives you negative thoughts about your work. Many artists always compare their work, then they feel that their art isn't good enough, just because they think the other one is better. Please stop thinking like this. Improvement takes time and all artists started from a simple sketch. One day you will notice how good your improvement so keep practicing ! :)

Be proud of your own creations

Be proud of your artworks , be confident of what you created and be proud for being creative. Be thankful of what you create be PROUD of it !

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Stop having high expectations to yourself

Having high expectations can lead you to disappointment , don't push yourself too hard. Again Improvement takes time and patience, keep practicing , watch tutorials or join art classes to expand your knowledge and skills.

Believe and Trust yourself

This is the most important one, believe and trust in yourself, you can't create or do something if your doubting yourself. Believe and be proud of what you can do. God gave you such a wonderful talent don't waste it ! :)

NO to art insecurity YES to art Confidence !

I support all of you :))

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