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7 months ago

I've been creating Zickles (Zombie Pickles) for about a year now and recently I have began to ramp up my output and create a lot more Zickles because the MyZickleArmy game is getting closer to sprouting it's first mini game.

The very first MyZickleArmy game wasn't much of a game, more of a collectors treasure hunt. Grow a Cucumber - it was an early experiment to see what could be done with blending. People could buy a pot, soil and a seed, blend them together to get a planted seed in a pot, then buy some water and sun, blend them together to make it sprout ... and so on, until they got to the point of harvesting a cucumber.

The dude that crew the first cucumber also got a prize

Runners up to being the first got an NFT t-shirt

This just goes to show how much fun and silly making NFTs can be. A creator can make just about anything that the mind can think of.

And that's really what the Zickles are ... a wacky idea that popped out of my head and those that saw it encouraged me to take it further.

So I did.

These are just a few of the very early Zickles that I created and dropped as packs and blends and even airdrops. After awhile I started dropping some of the Zickles, or at least pieces of Zickles, onto the AlienWorlds land of MAGOR 22:1 where people that often try to mine for TLM with the NFT game AlienWorlds, could mine my land and try to get an NFT piece as well as TLM.

It turned out to be pretty popular among collectors and AlienWorlds miners looking for interesting and unique NFTs to add to their collection. We (my Devs and I) came up with some mini events to host on our land of Magor that included finding Skull Flakes

and if they found enough skullflakes, they could upgrade them by blending those flakes into a Magor Snowball

and after getting enough Snowballs, the collector could further upgrade to get themselves a Magor Snowbeast

There have been quite a few different mining events since then, and the Zickle Army continues to grow, slowly and organically. Like a good cup of coffee, you just can't rush the development of a good idea, no matter how wacky it is. The fan base continues to grow because believe it or not, the Zickles are givers and try to be at all the big events.

They have had Christmas themed events and broke a bunch of candy canes during their 12 days of ZickMas celebration. This was an event where people could buy a certain Zickle NFT that would give them a new Zickle NFT airdrop every day for the last 12 days leading up to Christmas. That was a lot of work creating a daily Zickle themed artwork based on the song "The 12 Days of Christmas"

The Zickles also gave gifts to their biggest fans and collectors to see out the old year and ring in the new year. It's kinda silly but that's Zickles for you. Also ready to do things differently and in their own peculiar salty way.

They were there for Valentines day, Fathers day, and some birthdays too.

And they have also recently been added to the Wombat Dungeon Master P2E game on WAX. It's pretty obvious that the Zickles can capable of wearing many different types of hats and filling many different roles.

And the entire Zickle idea continues to grow and get more complex. The most recent Zickle Mining event that took place on Magor 22:1 involved miners doing their best to find 13 different parts of a Monster Zickle and then blend them all together to create a fully assembled Zickle Monstrosity.

It was a literal race to be the first person to blend them all together to get the first mint of this gloriously strange multi headed beastly looking Zickle. 

I could probably prattle on about the Zickles for a few more paragraphs and add dozens of pictures to this article, but I sort of forgot my point already. I just find it really funny that such a goofy spur of the moment idea could grow into something so large because the community it was initially created for asked for more. And when more was given, more was wanted, and the hunger for zombie pickles never stopped growing. And it also never really stopped at Zickles either, as these 10 Gourds of Magor and 3 Salty French Fries (both Christmas event images) show that everything could be turned into a zombie of some sort.

The Zickles have really blasted off in my imagination and the community on discord and twitter continue to embrace it. My developers, who have volunteered their time and talents, are working hard to create an actual My Zickle Army game on the WAX blockchain. It has been a slow build because A, they want to do it right and B, they all have regular jobs that they need to pay the bills the Zickles only get worked on when time allows. But that's fine with me, that's how tings get done properly. There is no rush, there is only a constant slow and a steady push to make this project succeed. 

The 2 most recent developments in the My Zickle Army have been the release of a new pack of Rando Zickles. 
This preminted series of 36 Zickles has 6 Zickles per pack and features all new Zickles in the Black and White purity with true rarities distributed in a random order. Packs are available on NFTHive for 22.77 wax.

A week or so later and about 76 packs have sold, and a new Blend is out as well. The Zickles got themselves a cool retro TV .. but there is nothing to watch except static, which isn't very fun to watch, even for Zickles.

So by blending the TV with 5 of the Common Rando Zickles ... you could get an entirely new NFT which has those Zickles showing up. Again, it's all just silliness with NFTs and Zombie Pickles, but it's fun to collect and be a part of a growing game and community. By having collecting events like this, the members of the discord community come together to trade their different Zickles with each other to complete their sets and finish the blends. It's beyond anything I ever did before NFTs.

Anyways - this has turned out to be a bit longer than I thought it would be. Just goes to show that I tend to ramble on and on and on some more. If you want to learn more about MyZickleArmy and the mining events on Magor 22:1 , I strongly suggest you go to and read up on it. Get a mining pass and start to mine the AlienWorlds land of Magor 22:1. While you're at it, join our community on discord and maybe try to find MyZickleArmy on Twitter (@MyZickleArmy) 

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7 months ago


Zickles look cool and it's interesting to read their story. I think I have 1 bacon ;)

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6 months ago

Such a great collection 🥒

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7 months ago

thanks buddy - you've been a big help pushing these zickles along too :)

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7 months ago

Your research is awsome.

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7 months ago

Been a witness when the first zickle was spawned

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7 months ago