When will he come?

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I have been waiting so long for him, but something always happens and he cannot come to me... I sit on the sofa every afternoon, accompanied by my hot coffee, waiting for him to come to me, I wait patiently, then I think "today he won't come". I have been waiting for so long that sometimes I think if at some point I will be able to have him, but it seems almost impossible for him to come, I have done everything possible, but it seems that our meeting is something really complex and impossible.

I try and try as much as possible for us to be together, but it is so far away and it is so complicated that it seems like one of those loves that try but never see each other again, and because of this they must forget each other. But no, I don't, I don't want to forget him, I want him to be with me, I need him to be with me, I don't want all this time waiting to have been in vain.

I don't really care about all the problems that are happening around, I don't care if another difficulty happens, I have to keep on waiting and overcoming any difficulty so I can have him by my side, because that's what I want, to be with him.

Time keeps running, everything keeps happening, nothing and nobody stops to see what is happening to me, nobody understands why I keep waiting, some simply tell me to forget about him, that he will never come. There are few people who support me and tell me to keep trying and I will keep trying, it is more than just wanting, it is a need I have, I need to be with him and for him to be with me.

I would like to be able to go to where he is and bring him to me, but it is too much expense and I would lose a lot of time, I do not have a passport and to get a passport I have to spend many dollars, plus the waiting time for the passport to be delivered to me, that time can last a month or many years. After all this process I must have money to be able to travel and I don't have money for that, a plane ticket is really expensive and I can't go by boat because it is too far, it is easier for him to come to me.

Why is it easier for him to come to me?

Well, because he is ready to come, his ticket costs much less, he doesn't need to pay for the passport nor does he need to wait so long, if I want to go I have to have at least $1,000 in my wallet, while he only needs $50, he only takes 10 or 15 days to arrive, I could arrive in 3 days, but I have to wait years for the passport and as I said before, I don't have that kind of money.

Well the thing is that I want to be with him in spite of all the difficulties, I will keep waiting and waiting until he can be by my side. There have been many excuses and enough of that, I have done everything I can to make the excuses go away. Today I had to intervene in different accounts that are not mine to be able to make him come soon, I entered my brother's accounts, I modified some things, I fixed others that were wrong and finally I could send the shipment, so he can come, I have already waited 3 years approximately for him to come and I do not want to continue waiting, every day, every week, every month I write to know when he will come, but there is always an excuse but that's enough of that.

As I said before, this seems like a love novel where the main characters can't be together and they have to fight for their dreams and they have to fight to be together, I really feel it's an impossible love, but after so much time, I can't just abandon this feeling, I can't forget about him, it's really necessary for him to be with me.

Y... Why is he so important to me?

Well my dear reader, he is not only important for me, he is important for many people, he is important for Luis, for my in-laws, for my brother-in-law and for my parents. He has many things of great importance, so I hope he can come soon. He will help me in many things, he will also help me a lot in improving my drawings, he will help me economically, I hope I can have him soon to feel better, maybe being with him will make me feel better.

And who is he?

Well, he is important because he is a box, yes, just as you read my dear friend, he is a box. Inside the box there are many things that I bought with Luis, it also has things that Luis' brother bought, other things that my parents bought and so little by little the box has been filling up, I don't know how big it must be, but I need it right now. I have been waiting for a long time for all those things and something always happens, so it hasn't arrived, for a moment I thought it would arrive in December last year, but guess what? It didn't arrive. They haven't sent it, it's not the company, the company is really good, it's the person who has my box who always has a situation come up and he can't send it, but I can't wait anymore.

I logged into my brother's account (he is the one who has my box) and sent the package request to the company, the company responded immediately, so I hope to have my package soon....

I did all this with my brother's permission, he sent me the passwords and everything needed, I'm not a hacker class....

And you my friend, have you been waiting for a package for a long time? Do you despair because it hasn't arrived? Because I'm going a little crazy hahaha.

I hope you liked my article, I think I will keep writing articles like this for a long time, I'm not really well right now and this way of writing relaxes me. I've also been writing on my phone, it's quite stressful, but it's faster than plugging and unplugging the computer at home instantly because I don't have a fixed place to be due to the move

Well my dear friend, this is the end of my article, I hope soon to finish all the moving to read your articles.

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