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It's been a pretty quiet day like any day when I wake up early. I left the room, went to the bathroom and then sat outside watching the sky, listening to the birds and drinking a nice hot coffee.

While I was watching the nature, my coffee was slowly running out, I was thinking what would be the plans for today.

I sat down to work or rather to make a present, while Luis made breakfast, it was his turn to make breakfast today. Tomorrow Luis' niece will be 7 years old, the same little girl I have been giving music lessons to, so I have been making a special notebook for her, a music notebook with her favorite songs and new songs for her to keep practicing and learning more and more.

So many things to do and so little time, suddenly, the door outside rang, she had arrived.....

The next birthday girl is always coming, so it is hard to be able to make a present for her, I had to stop making her present and start doing anything else and so I have been like this all day or well almost all day, if the birthday girl is at home, I can't work let alone make her present.

The birthday girl will be gone in the evening, so I have to wait until late so I can still make her gift. The gift is handmade, so, if I start making it she will start asking me what is that, what is that for, what does she want one too, and that would be the end of the surprise. At the moment, since we haven't completely moved to my in-laws' house, I still don't have a room where I can do these things, so we will have to wait for her to go home to be able to continue with the gift.

I decided to fix a few things and make room around here, I went back and forth fixing things. Then I decided to go to the house to look for other things and bring more clothes, instruments and everything we have over there, I also went to wash more clothes and fix the house. In many parts of my country we have been without water for many days, but where I lived before there is a tank, so we can wash clothes and bring drinking water from there to my in-laws' house, it is really horrible the situation like this, as far as we know in my in-laws' house there are already 8 days without water, how can you live like this? Yes you can, but it is really difficult, it is very complicated, especially if there are so many people living in the same house, if it is very hot, etc.

Ok, so we decided to go to the house, do the laundry, get more water and clean up over there, but... Oh no. These months are months of a lot of rain and even though we have been keeping an eye out, there is no telling when it will rain.

Yesterday the weather was cold, and it was all full of gray clouds, but it didn't rain, not a bit, the clouds have fooled us. Today the day has been quite warm, but....

When we were leaving the house with two big bags and drinking water, it started to rain, but there was no turning back, we had to start....

It is really complex to be moving to another place in rainy seasons, especially if we have to move things on the motorcycle, yes, we have gone back and forth many times on the motorcycle in the rain, it is dangerous, we know that, but it is the only way to transport our things, right now we have no money to pay someone and the only person who can help us is really busy and with a bad car, so we have to move with a gray day, full of storm and with the motorcycle.

We have been moving with bags, all the things that can fit in two bags, then all that is emptied in an orderly way in some boxes that we have in Luis' parents house, while the room is not totally ready we can not order things, besides we have to wait for Isabella's birthday to pass to arrange things, there are many things in our next room and they will stay there until Monday, so we have to wait a little, but we still have to get things out of the house, so we have to get things out of there no matter what is going on.

So well, grey days come and go, the important thing is to see the rainbow that the rain will bring. Thanks for reading my article my dear friend from, I try to be posting constantly even though I don't have internet or a fixed house.

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