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Hello dear friends of, how have you been these days? Around here there is a lot of rain or a lot of sun or a lot of wind. So much rain that we have not been able to drive the motorcycle well, when we have done it we arrived soaked at the destination.

These days we have been making many trips on the motorcycle despite the rain, and the holidays because these days are the birthdays of many relatives.

In the day we are greeted by a warm and hot sun, which begins to drown us in the heat, in the afternoon we have a storm with a lot of rain that feels like everything is going to end, they are quite strange days.

When it doesn't rain in the afternoon, then it rains in the evening, it is very rare that it rains in the morning but it can happen.

In the afternoons after the rain we get very sleepy and want to drink coffee, but it is so expensive that we have stopped drinking coffee, the dollar has gone crazy again, so all the prices are crazy in dollars or bolivars, so it is a bit impossible to buy food, only the prices of things go up but not our payments.

August is a month of a lot of parties, but it's also a difficult month for us musicians, well if you're not lucky. If you are lucky you make vacation plans, you have concerts and there you generate a lot of money, as much money as in December, but if you only work giving classes you may do well, but if your students go on a trip (as happened to me), well you are left without money and without students, so it is quite a complex month for us...

The first party we had was my father-in-law's party, there we had a sharing, we ate cake, we made a barbecue, we are more than 10 people, so everyone had to collaborate to make the food. It was a pretty quiet party, but what made me laugh the most was when Luis' nephew (7 years old) said "Grandpa, when are you going to take out the piñata, I already want to break the piñata and then eat cake".

We all started laughing like crazy and telling him that there was no piñata, it turns out that the piñata he saw was the one they were making for Isabella, who is Luis' niece, who's birthday was a few days after my father-in-law.

I think Daron (Luis' nephew) didn't think it was weird that the piñata was a unicorn, he didn't realize that this piñata didn't look good for his grandfather's party hahaha.

A few days later we started to prepare things for Isa's party, the snacks, the cake, but we celebrated 2 birthdays for her. A small birthday that was with the family, and a nice birthday that was on the weekend, where her friends from school, her friends from gymnastics, her cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. were there. That birthday was a unicorn birthday, there was a delicious cake, lots of dancing, prizes for whoever danced the best, for whoever made the best guess. There was also a lot of candy, the kids were very energetic so they danced all night long, I also had a lot of energy to run around the house.

I was able to take pictures with the piñata before they smashed it, and with Isabella and her cake, but I don't have all the pictures.

These days it was also Luis' aunt's birthday, we also did a sharing, we had a lot of soup, cake, raffles, gifts and we did something that really caught my attention...

We did a "Chinese bazaar", I had never participated in something like that, but from what I understand, Luis' family does that on the birthdays of Luis' mother's family. What is that, you buy or do, you bring a gift that no one knows what it is, someone randomly puts numbers to the different gifts, then they put other numbers in a bowl and you draw a random number, maybe you get the same gift or you get something else, which is the most normal thing.

If there are several people it works like this:

Let's say there are 10 people, the person who has the number 1, takes the gift that has the number 1, uncovers it and keeps that gift, the person who has the number 2 decides whether to take the gift number 1 that already saw it (before uncovering the number 2) or if he keeps the gift number 2 without knowing what it is, the person with number 3 decides whether to take the gift number 1 or number 2 that he has already seen or keep the gift he has not seen yet, and so on until he reaches number 10, but the game does not end there, the person with number 1 did not have the opportunity to choose another gift, so he decides whether to keep the gift he has or take any of the other 9 gifts, so the game ends.

In this game we were 15 people, I was number 7, I had to decide whether to take the gift to number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 or keep number 7 without opening it, but I decided to keep number 7 and it was some delicious cookies, my mother in law got number 1, so she had to wait until the end, what she got was some earrings, but she preferred to take the gift number 4 which was some towels and that was the end of the game, the person with number 4 had some towels but in the end she kept some earrings.

This was something really new for me but it was a lot of fun, in my country this game is known as Chinese bazaar, but I don't know the reason, I was looking for it but I didn't find the answer I wanted. However, it is believed that Chinese bazaars are actually an invention coming from Mongolia, but this kind of bazaars are not a game like what we do, these bazaars are made in public centers and they are usually for selling local products or of great interest, but they are also used as a tourist venue, so I don't know where this name comes from for a gift exchange game.

Well dear friends of read. cash, so much for my article today, I hope you liked it, I have not been able to be as active as I wanted to be because I am still moving and I have no internet and no fixed place to work, so it is quite problematic for me all this, and I am really very tired, no matter the time, we are always carrying things from one place to another, we are not eating well and that makes us always tired, we must vacate the house before Friday, I also have another situation which is that they operated my mother and I have to travel to take care of her and I do not have money to travel, so everything is really complicated, but well, that's life.

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