How to stop having hiccups?

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Hello hello, kind people of, how are you today? I am fine although the day is really hot. Yesterday I promised to write about how to stop hiccupping, but what are hiccups?

Saturday, March 12th


Hiccups are an involuntary contraction in the body, exactly in the diaphragm, this muscle has an important role in breathing and when it contracts quickly it also closes suddenly our vocal cords and produces that weird "hip" sound.

Causes of Hiccups

Well, there are many causes, perhaps it occurs after eating a large meal, extremely hot or spicy food, by ingesting large amounts of alcoholic beverages or soda, it can also give hiccups after a sudden emotion, agitation, stress, sudden changes in temperature, it can also be a sign of an undiagnosed disease.

Hiccup attacks usually last a few minutes, but when this discomfort occurs we feel that the hiccup lasts many hours, are extremely rare occasions where the hiccups can last for hours or even months, there if there would be a big problem and causes a great exhaustion, in these cases you should go to the doctor if the hiccups last more than 48 hours.

If the attack of hiccups lasts more than 48 hours and is very intense it is due to other causes such as:

  • An irritation or injury to the vagus or phrenic nerves of the diaphragm.

Some causes that can cause damage or irritation in these nerves are: a discomfort in the eardrum; a tumor in the neck; gastroesophageal reflux; sore throat or laryngitis.

  • Central nervous system disorders

An infection or some damage in the nervous system by trauma, alters the control in our body and can cause an attack of hiccups for a long time. This can be caused by a stroke, tumors, meningitis.

  • Metabolic disorders and drugs

As I had said before the large consumption of alcoholic beverages can cause a hiccup that lasts a short time, but the massive consumption of alcohol can cause this hiccup to last more than 48 hours causing other problems in our body, but not only the ingestion of alcohol, there are other drugs and metabolic disorders that can cause hiccups such as: diabetes, kidney disease, steroids, anesthesia, tranquilizers.

There is the possibility of a prolonged hiccup if you have any mental or emotional problem, since it is associated that hiccups are caused when there is stress, anxiety or a sudden change in our emotions, it could also happen that a person has hiccups after surgery, I do not know how true this is.

How to stop hiccupping?

Hiccups only last a few minutes, so they go away on their own, but when they last much longer than I mentioned, you should see a doctor.

Now... How do we get rid of the hiccups?

Well, there are many ways of "how to cure hiccups", but they always work, among these are:

  • Drink cold water, if it has ice better

  • Eating an ice

  • Holding your breath

  • Gargle with ice water

  • Breathing in a controlled manner inside a paper bag.

The ways to get rid of hiccups that my grandmother used to say are:

  • Putting a wet string on the forehead, or

  • Putting a cold spoon on the forehead

I really do not know if these ways to remove hiccups work, but you can try, I have tried them, if you have any other way to remove hiccups or any that you have been told you can comment, thank you for reading my article. Remember to read and follow my sponsors

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When I have a hiccup I just let it until it fades away on its own. Unless I really need to stop the hiccup, I will try eating ice.

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11 months ago

When I get hiccups it only lasts a few moments and it is a hiccup that I can control, but my couple Luis's hiccups are really uncontrolled and strong, and usually last for a long time, so his body starts to ache, what has worked best for him is to drink cold water and hold his breath.

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11 months ago