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Hello my dear friends of, how are you today? I hope very well, I had days without being able to be in this place and in this article I will explain why, little by little I will be updating you with the things I have done, I have been very busy and a little stressed, but I will try to continue here as often as I can.

One of the things that has not allowed me to be here on is the internet, it turns out that they take away our internet for several days and we don't know the reason, we have the monthly fee paid and we always pay before because we are very aware, but they keep taking away our internet for several days and we have to call or write to the company so that they connect us again, many times they don't answer our messages, they just activate the internet and that's it.

Yesterday we talked to the owner of the place where we live and explained the situation to him, he said that what was happening to us was very strange and that he did not know why this was happening, if the internet is taken away when you do not pay for 3 months and we are paying on time, so it is strange.

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There are also many days where there is internet but it doesn't load at all, so that's another problem, I can't log in to to work nor can I do my college work, so I have failed to be on often, but these are things I can't control.

Other things I have done is the art project with the community that I have told you about before, on Saturday 14th of this month I wrote about it, but because of the internet failures I couldn't upload it, I have it ready, any time now I will upload it so you can read it and find out what we have done with the community, I can only tell you that I did some theater, something I had never done before hahaha but I had a lot of fun.

I have also had a lot of activities at the university, making me have little free time to write, comment and read your articles, I wanted to take a day to which are Saturdays, but now I will not be able to, because that day is the art project, and if that day they remove the internet, I have to wait until Monday or Tuesday, so it has been a little complicated for me to be here.

I have a lot of college assignments pending, even today, but I decided first to write this to tell you what has happened and that I'm fine, and then continue with my studies. This has been a little different article than the others, but I hope you liked it and that you understand that I have not been around because of some glitches that have happened, but that I will be around when I can.

Have a nice Tuesday

See you in the next article

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Tuesday, May 17

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