Emergency! The first big expense of the year

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Happy Tuesday, beautiful read.cash person who has magically made it to my article. Hope you're having a great day.

Tuesday, January 11

I wanted to talk about this topic earlier, but I've been feeling really bad, my heart had broken into several pieces and I was trying to ignore it, but until I put them back together I wasn't going to mend my heart again.

My father had already told you about this subject, at Start of the year with my puppy and Difficult days with my doggy Luffy

Baby Luffy

Luffy is my beloved puppy. I have had him for many years.

I remember that my aunt had given him to me when I was still in high school. Luffy has been in my family for more than 10 years, he has been with us since 2008. He is named after the main character of the One Piece manga.

Baby Luffy when he was afraid of cats

At that time my brother and I used to watch One Piece together every day, it was really fun to be with him. One day my aunt came with this little puppy, they were giving him up for adoption and they had given him to her, but she couldn't have him, so she came to me and gave him to me. She knew I wanted a puppy, I had told her, so the owner she chose for that puppy was me.

I thought of many names for the puppy, but then I thought of one that my brother and I liked, so I named him Luffy.

Baby Luffy eating with the cats

I don't live with my parents anymore, so my father is the one who takes care of Luffy. When I go to visit my father's house, I play with Luffy. Actually Luffy is the one who greets me, when I get to the door of the house he talks to me like crazy, as if he was telling me everything he has done since the last time I went.

Medium-sized Luffy playing and being happy

But this year the unimaginable happened....

Luffy has never given us any kind of trouble, on the contrary, he is a great friend and a great dog. He reminds me of the dog from the movie Up, now that dog has a series called Dug Days, it is really wonderful, I love it.


My dog and the one in the movie are not the same breed or the same color, but I know that if Luffy could talk with a collar that translates everything into Spanish, it would be like having Dug.

Medium-sized Luffy, when he slept with the cats

What happened?

Well... As you know if you read my articles often, I went to spend December 31st with my parents, so I was in Cumaná. When midnight came my neighbors started throwing explosives of all kinds. My parents went out to celebrate and I stayed home with Luis and Luffy.

Luffy had gone a little crazy with fear, however he stayed calm by my side, he knew that everything would be fine, but there were people from the family missing in the house, so he would run out from time to time looking for them but he couldn't find them and he would come back to my side.

Everything was really fine, until a few days later....

Big Luffy and me in 2015

As the days passed Luffy started limping and complaining, I told my father that I saw a swollen paw. My father checked him, but he didn't find anything, he told me he didn't have a swollen paw, it was his hair. The next day Luffy was still limping, I was sure it was the front paw that was swollen, but my father and Luis said it was the back paw, but it was not swelling, however, my father checked all his paws. He found that the hind leg had a wound, so he started treatment.

On the third day, Luffy's hind leg felt fine, but he was still in pain and complaining, unable to put his front leg on the ground. Just the paw that I had said was swollen. My father checked him again and found no fractures, but now the swelling was very noticeable. My parents acted immediately, looking for different methods to reduce the swelling and pain in his paw, and they succeeded. In the evening Luffy was in better condition, but the next morning he was not well.

Medium-sized Luffy, with his old teddy bear.

What had happened?

Old Luffy / Actual Luffy

Luffy didn't want to move, I really came to think that Luffy was going to die, he is a pretty old dog, yes, I know that death is normal and that at some point it will come, but I'm not really prepared.

I was really sad, I didn't want Luffy to die, so I started looking and calling lots and lots of vets to take Luffy to. We didn't have enough money to take him to the vet and buy him medicine, but we made every sacrifice we could. We didn't know what had happened, we were really worried.

Before going to the vet we had already talked to him on the phone, explaining everything that Luffy had been through. When we got the vet, he already knew what the paw was and the medications we had given him, so he asked us, "What did Luffy eat today?"

We answered with all sincerity, but I didn't understand what the food had to do with his paw. The food that day had nothing to do with Luffy's behavior, so he asked us "What did Luffy eat yesterday?"

We hadn't really seen what he ate yesterday, a neighbor gave him the food, but when the vet started telling what dogs shouldn't eat, I remembered the food Luffy had eaten.

Stew... Luffy had eaten stew, dogs cannot eat stew and even less in the delicate state that Luffy was in.

Luffy had recovered a little from the inflammation, but the stew had caused an allergic reaction in his paw, so what we had done to him was useless, it had been made worse by the food, that is to say, at the beginning it had been a blow he had given himself and his paw swelled, when he was recovering Luffy ate something he shouldn't have and it caused an allergic reaction, creating something much worse...

The vet injected Luffy to make the swelling go away faster, but that was not the only thing that would help him, we had to buy many treatments for his quick recovery.

Actual Luffy recovering

Luffy really behaved well at the vet, he didn't cry when they gave him the injection, he just went like "ouh", normally, he starts to cry and whine when he knows he is going to be injected, so his behavior was really strange haha

Little Luffy, playing with the cat

Luffy is a very active little dog, but during the pains and after the injection he has been really calm. I hope Luffy recovers soon so he can continue to be the good and active dog he is.

Thank you dear friend for reaching the end of my article, I hope you liked it.

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Luffy is still undergoing treatment, only a small part of the wound is yet to close completely, but he has another inflammation that we are treating.

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1 year ago

It can be a small wound, but it can also become a dangerous wound, let's consider your age.

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1 year ago

Ahw poor Luffy! I hope he feels better soon!

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1 year ago

I hope he recovers soon, I am very worried, he is a really old dog, but he is still very active and loving. Thank you for your words

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1 year ago