December is not only about gifts...

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December is a month where we spend a lot of money, it is not a lie. We run from one place to another looking for gifts for the kids, for the uncle, for the cousins, for the grandparents, for everyone. Not only do we go crazy looking for gifts, we also start looking for the necessary ingredients to make the food. We go all over the place looking for the best prices and everything we need.

We have become accustomed to give something to our relatives on the 25th in the early morning, well in my family and Luis' family that happens. We give clothes, toys or any other detail. The important thing is the detail and sharing with the family.

Tuesday, December 21st

I know I have been going crazy getting a little more money for gifts and I know the title says that December is not only about gifts and that is true. December is a month of family togetherness, it is the month where we should be more united, as the year is ending and a better one is coming.

Even though I have been looking forward to the gifts, Luis and I have also shared a lot with Luis' family, all these days we have been with them. We have gone out with them, we have shared anecdotes and many other things. As I said, December is a month of togetherness, not only of gifts.

I'm a little sad that I won't receive the gifts that are in Spain this year, but I know they will come at some other time. I just have to be patient, although I already want to learn how to draw with the graphic tablet, I can't wait, I've been waiting all year hahaha.

Why have I been so attentive to the gifts?

Well... Because I want to see the children happy, I want Isabella and Daron to enjoy Christmas and have several gifts. Earlier I told you that Isabella's house was flooded, so she lost some of her toys and now Daron will have a little brother, as we found out this pregnancy is a bit delicate, so Daron's family has spent a lot of money in the baby's things, Daron only asked for one toy but it is very expensive, however they were able to buy some things, we were able to buy other things that Daron's toy needed, we also bought some things for Isabella. Soon I will post pictures of the gifts and my little Christmas tree. It's not the biggest, but it's very nice, it's my little golden Christmas tree.

But not only the kids get presents....

We also wanted to give several things to others, because these years have not been easy for anyone and sometimes we don't even have enough to buy a pair of socks, so we also spent money on Luis' other relatives, like his brothers and sisters and brothers-in-law. Whether it's a cookie or a candy, just the fact that you thought of that person to give him or her a gift is important, that person will feel important because you thought of him or her, despite everything he or she is going through.

December is not just about presents...

We have been very close this month, I have enjoyed coloring with Isabella and playing ball with Daron. I have also enjoyed helping my brother-in-law Luis with various things, hanging out with my sisters-in-law, watching Alejandro play guitar and supporting him on social media, sharing with Hernan and most of all hanging out and sharing with my in-laws, from grilling out in the rain to going Christmas shopping or things for their home.

It has been a difficult few months, but we have always tried to keep everything together, to keep the family united, there will always be differences, but the important thing is to continue to be united and to know that you can count on each other and that others know they can count on you.

Thank you for reaching the end of my article, I hope you liked it and have a nice Christmas. Try to stay positive, tomorrow will be better.

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It's so good that you have such a close-knit family! Merry Christmas!

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1 year ago

Thank you so much. I now have two families, mine and Luis'. This year I will share the 24th with Luis' family and the 31st with my parents.

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