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Customs and traditions

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5 months ago

Hello hello my beloved people of, how are you spending this beginning of the year? Oh, I've stopped writing again, I've had a bitter few days. Soon I will tell you why... In the meantime I will keep updating you with my December articles.

Thursday, December 30th

I have been thinking about the different traditions that my family, Luis' family and any other Christmas traditions that anyone I know has. So from thinking about the traditions, I started to research...

My curiosities began because I wrote to some former students who are from the United States and sent them a message wishing them to spend a happy new year with their families, to share, eat a lot and enjoy a lot with their families....

They told me that they were going to spend their celebrations with friends, not with family....

I was a bit shocked, I didn't know that people from the United States go to bars with friends and that is their way of spending New Year's or spend New Year's at a friend's house, drinking and listening to music...

Note: Not all Americans are like that...

Oh... I would never have imagined spending New Year's like that, it's always with my family or with Luis' family, it seems a little strange to go to a bar with friends at the end of the year...

Another American student told me that he spent New Year's Eve with his family, but they went to a restaurant. When it is 12am they say happy new year to all the strangers who are in that restaurant.

Every year that I have spent New Year's with my family, we are always together singing, dancing, talking, sharing, eating... Until it is 12am, we say happy new year to each other and then we go out to say happy new year to our neighbors. After going all over the place where we live, we go back to our house to continue enjoying ourselves.

Years ago, when things were not so difficult in the country, my parents would buy grapes and we would make the tradition of "las uvas del tiempo", where we would eat 12 grapes before midnight, celebrating the 12 months to come...

From what I was researching, this celebration comes from Europe. This tradition had first started in France and then spread to Spain. Since 1894 Spain has used this tradition, years later they modified it, now the tradition is to eat the 12 grapes near the clock of the Puerta del Sol, in Madrid. This tradition spread throughout Spain and then reached Latin America.

Now... Another tradition is to wear different color underwear depending on what you want...

Yellow underwear is for money and good riches;

Red underwear is for love;

Green underwear is for good vibes and achieving goals;

White underwear is for peace and confidence;

Black underwear is for elegance and eroticism;

Purple underwear is for connecting with your inner self;

Orange underwear is for improving the chance of a good job.

I couldn't find the true origin of this colorful tradition....

There is a tradition my family keeps doing to start the year off right. After we say happy new year we run around with suitcases, this ensures lots of new trips in the new year. I haven't really done any of these traditions myself.

There is one New Year's Eve tradition that I find really strange and that is having lentils for dinner. All my life I have eaten hallacas at Christmas and New Year's, it is the typical food of these dates. For me lentils are a food that can be eaten any day, hallacas are not... So I find it really strange to have lentils for dinner on December 31. But this symbolizes that the year will come loaded with abundance, wealth and money. This tradition comes from Italy.

I also read that in some Latin American countries they have a tradition where they make a doll and then burn it. I have never really seen this. It is said that this tradition symbolizes that you burn all the bad things of the year that is ending and now you will start a new year much better. The countries that celebrate this way are Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, but as I tell you, I have never seen this.

Oh, I have seen a girl on the web, she is Korean but she talks about how the customs are in her country and she says that it seems strange to her that we Latin Americans spend these celebrations with our family. She says that in Korea they spend these days with their couples and if they don't have one they go to bars with friends to look for a new couple.

This has been all my article today, my great friend. Thank you for making it to the end. Now tell me...

What other New Year's tradition do you know?

Do you spend New Year's with your family or friends?

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See you in the next article! ❤️ 

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Greetings from Venezuela😊❤️

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Written by   76
5 months ago
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That's quite to learn about the practices and traditions from others...

If I had known about that underwear thing, I would have the orange color. 😅 To have a proper job this year. Kidding aside, so many more to know.

For me, I usually celebrate it with family or my hubby's family. Having bonfires, barbecues and others.

Oh there's another joke practice that I always hear but never done by me. Lols. At exactly 12am of January 01, of that new year, be sure to jump. This is to add more to your height. 😅

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5 months ago

There has always been talk about yellow or red underwear, I had never heard that the others also had "powers" haha, you know you must have orange underwear. As for me, this year I will reach my goals, because of the underwear I wore without being conscious haha.

How nice to be with family and enjoy :)

I wish I had read this years ago, I had to jump haha that one I didn't know. Now I understand why I'm short

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5 months ago

Nice post! Traditions are part of the human spirit. They make us sensitive and create the bond between people. Thank you.

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5 months ago

Thank you very much, it's good to learn about the traditions of others, so we have many more things to talk about and know. I have loved researching about these traditions. It is also important to know about traditions if we travel to another country with different customs than ours. There is a country that in the new year they throw plates at the doors of their neighbors, if it happened in my house, it would scare the hell out of me. This rare tradition happens in Denmark

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5 months ago