All my life by your side

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11 months ago

"All my life I have been by your side and I am eternally grateful for that, thank you for having taught me so many things and continue to teach me despite the distance, thank you for everything you have done for me and all our time together."

Today is a special day, but not only for me, but also for him, it is also a special day for all my family, despite how far away we all are.

Yesterday I traveled to visit my parents to share this wonderful moment with them, even though he is not here to share it with us, we celebrate for him.

My brother is having a birthday, but he is really far away to be able to share with him, the good thing is that there is technology and we can talk to him by WhatsApp, let's hope he has a good birthday wherever he is.

He is now living in Spain, he is working a lot over there and doing really well, I hope he will always continue like this and achieve total success living there, he is very happy and has been able to walk around several places in Spain.

My brother is older than me by 8 - 9 years, that is, he is turning 33 and I am currently 24, so he has always been in my life, taking care of me, I have talked about him before in The most recent article where I have talked about him was "memory of a toy", you can read it and know what happened at that time between us.

1997 - 1998

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But it wasn't always like that, we always had differences, we argued, we fought, but then we started to get along, help each other and trust each other.


We have also shared special moments, like the day I went to his graduation, or the day he went to my graduation.

2005 My brother's graduation from high school
2014 My high school graduation

We also sang many times together in different family parties, but they were karaokes for fun and not something serious or for money hahaha.


Even though he is far away, my mom has prepared a cake for his birthday and of course we sang birthday to him with the neighbors and family that went haha and then we split the cake with some soda, after the birthday we stayed up watching different videos of America Got Talent

Oh I remembered several things, his birthdays have always been different since he moved out, this birthday before we ate cake we went to church and the mass was in the dark and we had to have a candle, it was part of that kind of mass.

In 2020, I remember that on that birthday I had gotten something on my tongue that did not let me speak well, so Luis, my father and I went to a nearby ambulatory to be checked, everything is fine, I just had to have a little rest because I had gotten a sore or something, before we left they asked us if we had been vaccinated that year and we told them no that vaccine that is annual, and well, they injected the three of us. We got home and couldn't drink the beers we had bought because we had just been vaccinated hahaha It was a different birthday.

Even though my brother is in Spain we still celebrate his birthday in Venezuela.


I hope you liked today's article my dear friend from

See you in the next article!

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Greetings from Venezuela!

Saturday, April 16th

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11 months ago


I love how you still celebrated your brother's birthday even if he is still away. Happy birthday to him! You both look so good.

At first, since I haven't seen your photo, I thought you were a guy. But I was surprised that we are in the same age group and you look so gorgeous. 🥰

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11 months ago

Es la primera vez que me dicen que pensaban que yo era un chico jaja

Mi hermano es una persona realmente importante para mi y mi familia, así que decidimos celebrar su cumpleaños a pesar de la distancia. Fue realmente divertido

Oh, ¿también tienes 24 años?

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11 months ago

What a fun day for you and your family. Although your big bro was not present in Venezuela, but you know in your hearts, he is always there. Do your brother will not coming back in Venezuela?

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11 months ago

My brother will always be part of our family and will always be close despite the kilometers and the time difference, we sing his birthday by video call, but taking into account the time in Spain that it was not too late for him and that he was not working.

No, my brother wants to continue living in Spain and maybe someday move to Germany or just visit that country that he likes very much. Venezuela has been quite complicated, I have even thought at some point to go to Spain and take my parents with me to live there.

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11 months ago