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Almost at nightfall the parents found their baby, he was in the twig where we had left him, so his parents started to give him love, their joy was complete, they finally found their little lost baby. So they took care of giving him all the food and love they could, I think they could not believe that their son was well, they stayed with him for a long time and then they started to tell him something, I have a feeling they told him to hide in the leaves of a branch, because after that he hid in the leaves.

When it got dark, his parents went to their nest, so Luis started to collect a lot of dry leaves from the bushes that his parents have and started to create a nest for the little "Mordecai", that's how we named him hahaha, Luis started to create that nest because on that branch he wasn't very safe. Luis took a long time making the nest and placing it in a good place, when the nest was already safe, Luis took Mordecai in his hands and tried to put him in the new nest, but Mordecai is very small and scared, so he flapped his wings like crazy and fell down again, he doesn't know how to fly yet.

When the little bird was calm, he realized that he was in a good place and that his nest was really comfortable, so he slept all night long.

Luis and I were very happy that he was ok and that his parents had found him, so we took it easy and went to our house, because he is at Luis' parents' house, so the next morning we were calling my in-laws to know how Mordecai was.

In the afternoon we went to Luis' parents' house and there was Mordecai happy in his new nest and with his happy parents, so we were happy that he was well and healthy which is the most important thing. The next day we didn't see him anymore, we don't know anything about him, but we didn't hear him scared or asking for help, maybe his parents took him away somehow, we still don't know how, but neither he nor his parents were there anymore, only his nest was left on the branch as a memory, we also looked all around to see if he was hiding but we didn't manage to find him, neither a little feather of him nor his distress sounds. So we think that he is fine and that he is with his parents, that is what we hope in a positive way.

We know that nature is good or bad according to each one's point of view, and that life is like that, maybe a cat took Mordecai or any other animal, but maybe it is not like that, maybe his parents took him and we hope he is ok. We searched everywhere and we didn't find him, so let's hope he is fine and has a good life.

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I really hope that Mordecai found his parents and that he is happily reunited with his family. Glad that you are there to save him in time.

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9 months ago