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Hey my good friend from read.cash, how are you today? I hope you are feeling great, I am quite well and cheerful haha I hope your day is great. I wanted to continue answering questions about me as I did previously in "A little more about me..."

Monday, March 21

You know what songs or artists I like to sing karaoke to, what was the last movie I saw and what I think of it, several books I like, what I think is the key to a good relationship and what emojis I use the most, ah you also know what beer I like the most. If you haven't read my answers about this yet, you can read it here. Today's answers will be more personal

Let's start with the rain of questions

1. What's the biggest argument you've ever had?

Oh, that bitter memory comes back to me again. The biggest argument I ever had, or rather the one that hurt me the most, was with a friend from high school, this friend was like a brother to me. We studied together since we were 5 years old until we were 16 years old, always together at all times in the same school. The argument started because he did something he shouldn't have done and I got very upset.

I'll summarize the story, we were in the school library and putting my things away I realized that my cell phone was missing, as it was already dismissal time everyone was up and I could not know who had taken it, there were many people around me, so I went to the part of the coordination to put the complaint that my phone had disappeared from my bag and they did nothing, they just told me "we can not do anything, it's dismissal time, we will not stop or check anyone". So I got out of there very upset.

It was night and I had to contact my parents to find out where they were and go with them to the house. When I left the school my friend smiling approached me and took my phone out of his bag, and said it was a joke, that didn't seem like a joke, I was very upset with him and he never apologized, so that's where our friendship ended, we never spoke again and now I don't know anything about him.

2. What scares you the most in life?

I've already talked about this in the article "I am afraid of...", there are many people who are afraid of insects, not me, I just don't like some insects. I am afraid of heights and airplanes, it sounds a bit illogical, but airplanes scare me. Toads don't scare me, but I don't like them, they are my least favorite animals. I am also a little afraid of speed, Luis is not a very fast driver but sometimes I feel like we are going too fast on the bike and it scares me.

3. Do you find it difficult to trust others?

Yes, they hurt me a lot in the past, before I used to trust a little more, now I first analyze people well before trusting, it makes me sad that bad things happen to me again or that someone I trusted is really not a good person. On read.cash I have learned a lot from other people so I have trusted a lot more in the people I have met here than in the people around me haha, it's a bit strange, but I like to talk here more.

4. How is your relationship with your siblings?

I only have one brother, our relationship used to be very bad, we didn't get along, but little by little that was changing until we became very good friends and partners, now we trust each other and we always talk, you can know a little about my relationship with my brother in the article "Memory of a toy" and in the article "All my life by your side".

I remember that my brother and I couldn't even see each other, because we would fight over anything, over the computer, over the seat in the car, over toys or his things that sometimes I would take without permission or my things that he would hide. Many times I would be playing on the computer and he would pull me out of the chair so he could use the computer to play or do anything else, so I would start crying and we would end up fighting, we also fought a lot over the TV.

But as we got older we learned to share with each other and realized that we liked the same music and the same things to watch on TV, so no matter who was watching TV, we both liked the same show.

5. What would you do if you won the lottery today?

This question seemed really important to me to put here haha because if I won the lottery, it would be a very good thing for me, for Luis and for our economy, it also depends on how much money I win I will know how much I will use.

  • If I win $50,000 in the lottery.

First I would buy a good house for $20,000, a good house to be comfortable, without worrying about paying the rent, about the insecurity where we live, about being able to modify the house as we wish, everything so Luis can record well without any noise from the background or from the avenue, or the neighbors' noises.

The second thing I would do would be to buy the computer Luis needs to work better, this computer costs about $2,400, so Luis doesn't have to worry if the program closes unexpectedly or if the current computer crashes.

I would buy an ipad for me, so I can draw better and more comfortably, I don't really remember how much this costs, but I know its price ranges between $800 to $1,800.

I would buy vitamins to improve our health

I would invest in us regarding the doctors we have to go to.

And lastly, whatever is left over will be used as an investment, so I can generate more money.

  • If I win $20,000 in the lottery.

I would buy an apartment in a distant but quiet area for $10,000, we would have to invest a lot of money in making a room where the outside sounds don't get in, but I know that we will do that little by little.

I would buy the $2,400 computer that Luis needs.

And the rest of the money would be for investment to generate more income.

  • If I win $10,000 in the lottery.

I would not buy the apartment or the house, my main goal would change and it would be to buy the $2,400 computer for Luis and the rest would be invested until we can generate more income and buy the house or apartment we need.

  • If I win $3,000 in the lottery.

I would buy the $2,400 computer for Luis and invest the rest to generate more income.

  • Now if I win $100

The answer is simple, I would invest it in order to have more money.

Well my dear friend from read.cash, I have finished my article for today, I hope you liked it and got to know a little more about me and my crazy way of thinking haha if you want you can also talk about yourself and tag me, I will be happy to meet you. Remember you can also follow my sponsors and support them.

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