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Earthquake Explained

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2 months ago

At first you may think that you are feeling dizzy. Soon you realize that it's something else. Everything is rocking .
Yes , I am talking about earthquakes. We are facing this problem from the ancient times. Here I am presenting some information of 5 biggest earthquakes,

2003 - In Iran - Scale 6.6 - 26,000 Died
2004 - In Indonesia - Scale 9.1 - 230,000 Died
2005 - In Pakistan - Scale 7.6 - 100,000 Died
2008 - In China - Scale 7.9 - 90,000 Died
2010 - In Haiti - Scale 7.0 - 220,000 Died

There are some reason behind earthquakes. There are also some myths and beliefs. Indian mythologist says, there is a snake named Bashuki. It has thousands of snake on one of which earth is situated. When that snake shakes head, earthquake occures. Europe has their own belief. They think earth is on a turtle. When the turtle moves, earthquake occurs. However, science can explain this very easily.

Earth don't needs any base to stand, it is floating in the universe by the balance of centripetal and centrifugal force. It takes a lot of energy to occur earthquake.

Where does the energy come from ?

The energy comes from the center of the world. When the energy comes out, it creates seismic vibration. This vibration spreads around. It is like the vibration of water when we throw something.

There can be several reasons for such energy to come out. A simple reason is the eruption of the volcano. At this time the earthquake occurs in the vicinity of the volcano. We have to go a long way to the past to understand the source of earthquakes.

Once all the land parts of the earth plate were together. Over time, they have moved away from each other. In 1912, German scientist Alfred Vagner named it Continental Movement. The surface of the earth consists of a number of rigid plates. Scientists call these plates tectonic plates. Tectonic plate is the outer covering of molten material inside the earth. It means a rock layer. Everything on the ground is located on these plates.

The tectonic plates are side by side. Energy is created when they collide with each other for any reason. This collision is sometimes soft and sometimes strong. The higher the level of collision, the more energy is released. The energy then escapes and comes out through the seismic waves. If the wave is strong, it reaches the surface of the earth. Then it shakes the earth crust. We call it an earthquake.

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Written by   109
2 months ago
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