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Interest and Consequence

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1 month ago

First read the story,then you will get it:

Soma Rani Das said Dipti Begum, daughter of Abdul Quader of Adarshagram, has been doing interest business for a long time. He is a very influential person in the village. A few days ago, Soma took a loan of Rs 50,000 from Dipti. Dipti Begum and her men called her from her house on Wednesday and tied her to a tree and tortured her as Soma could not pay the interest on time due to financial difficulties. Dipti demanded another Rs 50,000 from Soma. Some local youths recorded videos of Soma's torture.

Ullapara Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Deepak Kumar Das said police rushed to the spot and rescued Soma. Dipti Begum was arrested at that time. The victim is preparing to file an extortion case against Dipti Begum and her men.

""""The incident took place at Enayetpur Adarshagram. Later, the police went and rescued the tortured housewife. Soma Rani Das, a housewife, is the wife of Sanjeev Das of the village. The locals said that the lender caused the incident as he could not pay the interest."""""

So this is the total story of torturing a housewife and recording a video of it! It was done because her husband could not pay the interest that he took from him!!

The incident I am watching everyday here,makes me think that Should I leave here or leave this country!

The women are not safe at any condition!! People are just want to use them and then throw them away! There is law,but it is not so strong to stop these crime! There are NGO's for women welfare! But what is the need of it,if it cannot ensure their own safety?

I love my country anf it's people.But for few of them,I am unable to believe anyone now!!😰😰😰

Whenever I see a guy now,I avoid him.Even if it is my patient,I ask him to consult with a male doctor.That's because I won't tolerate anyone watching me wrongly. I used to go out alone before,but I feel insecure now!My family is more tensed nowadays.That's not me only!!! Maybe every girl facing this right now..

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Written by   238
1 month ago
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I'm sorry to hear that. It normal to get alarmed but the situation isn't normal anymore. Sometimes it's the best idea to leave than to suffer in a place you can't call homeland. I pray for your safety.

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1 month ago