Give Yourself a Break

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1 year ago

Life is exhausting, as most people I know would agree, especially as we get older and are bombarded with more and more responsibilities. We can't help but wish we could go back to being kids when we wouldn't have to worry about anything but play, eat, and sleep. Life has never been and will never be easy. It doesn't always turn out the way we planned.

Workplace and school-related stress can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. It is not a terrible idea to take a vacation from all of these hectic chores in order to re-energize and rejuvenate ourselves. Although self-indulgence is frequently associated with selfishness, prioritizing one's own needs is never a bad thing.

I never fully understood the importance of taking a break from stressful school works not until I entered architecture school. It was really culture shocking, especially the workloads on our major subjects. I remembered when I was interviewed by a professor, she asked " Will you be able to cope up with all the workloads?" of course I immediately answered yes, she then quickly replied "It's different here, will you be able to manage your time? all the subjects here are time demanding, not including the time that you have to allot for the minor subjects, Architecture is a time demanding profession". I was quiet for a time after she said that, then I replied that I can because this is what I want.

During that time when I was being interviewed, I was determined to answer all the questions with enthusiasm but when I started going to school, I would always complain, why is this so hard?, Is this necessary?, will I be able to make it on time for the submission? I sometimes would say that how can our professor be so inconsiderate knowing that we have so much to do and still not extend the deadline. But after all that, I am still determined of pursuing this course, and shifting to a different one never crossed my mind, I signed up for this, I'm destined to be here, there's no turning back.

I drowned in myself in acads, I became so busy and preoccupied with all the school works I have to submit on time, all the exams I have to review and pass. I was so afraid of failing because I don't want to disappoint my family, I was so afraid of thinking about what my life would be like in the future. I cannot afford to waste all the efforts I did to be where I am now.

I rarely see my friends, I almost forgot that I still have a life outside school. Whenever I have a vacant period for an hour or two before my next subject, I will go back to my boarding house and use that time for sleep. I was sleep-deprived during my freshmen years (and up until now hehe) maybe because I haven't coped up yet with how things go in architecture. Trust me if I say that you can't find any Architecture student that hasn't pulled off an all-nighter, especially the 4th and 5th years who are busy with their theses.

I got sick after the first semester, good thing I have submitted all the requirements and have nothing to worry about. I almost got confined in the hospital at that time, my blood pressure was so low that I'm experiencing vertigo and it was because of over fatigue and lack of sleep. After what happened I promised myself that I will always prioritize my health above anything else.

Now, I always treat myself after accomplishing a task may it be small. I will buy myself sweets like chocolates and ice cream or go to my favorite fast-food chains like McDonald's and Jollibee. I also take some time to watch movies or series for a breather from my furious tasks.

After giving myself some time to chill, relax, have a break from all the stress and draining school works, I noticed that I was not as worn out compared to the days when I was so focused on school. I realized that having some time for yourself is good for your well-being. I was also able to find time in meeting my friends to hang out and have some quality time with them.

Give yourself a break!

It's not selfish to prioritize yourself before others. Have time to pamper yourself, eat your favorite foods, go for a ride or walk and blow off some steam, hang out with friends and have someone to talk to. Do the things that you love to do even little things, and maybe we'll realize that life isn't as hard as we think.

Thank you for taking some time to read my article!

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1 year ago


Anong year mo na ngayon? Your article is somehow making me nervous to upcoming college life 😂. I am also stressed during my senior highschool years pero mas mukhang level up sa college hahaha. Mama help 🆘

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1 year ago

3rd year na ako this school year. Akala ko din sanay na'ko sa stress nung senior high pero iba pa din pag college na hahah. Good luck sa college life!

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1 year ago