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Hp laptop keyboard

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Hp Laptop Keyboard not Working
What to do When Your Laptop Keyboard isn't Working? 
On the off chance that you ever run into the PC keys not work at your HP PC, don't get stressed. It's regularly not difficult to fix by any means.
Did your PC console quit working? These fixes can assist you with narrowing down the issue, recognize a fix, and return to recently booked composing.
Step 1: Check either it’s a Hardware problem or a Software.
To find if there’s a software issue try these following fixes.
Fix 1: Reinstall/Update Keyboard Drivers
If your hp laptop keyboard is not working then fix it by trying reinstalling or update keyboard drivers. 
How to do?
Go to Start Button then right click for the further Menu and then click on Device Manager.
Locate the Keyboards Driver, right click and now you can Uninstall or Update the Keyboard Drivers.
If you Uninstall….
Restart your Laptop.
Wait until Windows Install Drivers Automatically.
Fix 2: Try Adjusting Keyboard Setting 
Filter Keys is an element in Windows that advises the console to disregard brief or rehashed keystrokes, to make composing simpler for clients with hand quakes. Yet, this sort of openness can be somewhat of an inconvenience for the individuals who don't require them.
Open the System Setting and go into Keyboard ones.
Search for Filter Keys.
Make sure that the Filter Keys Toggle is set to Off.
Fix 3: Try Reseating your Laptop’s Battery
Reseating the PC battery is another demonstrated compelling route as revealed by numerous clients to investigate these keys not dealing with PC issues. To do as such: 
Turn off your HP Laptop and detach the charger. 
Cautiously eliminate the battery from the rear of the PC. (You may likewise need to check the manual in case you're uncertain how this is finished). 
Wait for a few moments.
Revive your laptop and Turn it on. 
Test the keys on the console and check whether keys not working in Laptop issue disappears.
Hardware Fixes
The above arrangements are all Software based, yet if you adhered to our underlying directions and suspect your concern is equipment related, you'll have to get your hands dirty literally. You should clean your keyboard. 
Hold your PC topsy turvy, or at any rate at a 45-to 75-degree angle, and give the laptop a slight jerk. At times scraps from working snacks or your last bite break can stall out under the keys. This is to a greater degree an issue for more established Laptops, However, it merits a shot even on another one.
In the End, Test your Keyboard
Download updated version of Hp PC Hardware Diagnostics.
Select it and Run As Adminisrator.
Go to Component Test, then Input Devices, and then click on Keyboard Test.
Click Run Once and take the Test.
When in doubt, at that point it's most probable an equipment disappointment issue which may be better left with proficient hands. 
Ideally you have effectively settled the keys not chipping away at HP PC at this point. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, thoughts or recommendations, if you don't mind let me know in the remarks. Thanks for perusing!

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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