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Defamation Episode 1

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1 year ago

To find my cousin Mithila to go to college

Go to Mithila's room

Intimate moments are passing with .. Mithila is almost half naked anymore

Dulabhai just short pants. I saw their love affair

Let's stop. I was not ready to see it. I am Mithila

Love is pretty much everyone in the house knows it. This is how much of that is Myer

He has no account of what he ate. He tells me along

Gave Mithila to look like her sister.

I believe my eyes when I see Mithila in such a condition

I couldn't do it.

- Chih, Chih Mithila, what am I looking at? And Dulabhai, what are you doing?

Could you do it? (My voice is heard in their heads

The sky is breaking)

- Asif, please don't tell anyone, please tell anyone

We will not have respect? (Dulabhai)

He is Sumi Apur's husband, smart to look at, and a lot of big jobs

Sumi Apu is Mithila's elder sister. Apu is her in the morning

The child went to see a doctor. Aunty is gone too. Uncle is not there

He died 3 years ago. My father is the head of two families. Dad is uncle too

Together they built two similar two-storey houses. Sumi married Apur

It's been 2 years. I also have a 6 month old baby girl. To you

My father gets married..the marriage is in a family way

Hirertukara everyone in the house knows..but his character that I am so bad

I can't even think.

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Waiting for the next part.

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1 year ago

Nice story

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1 year ago

Next please

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1 year ago